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Learning Morse and highlights to learning technique - WAS: [slowspeedwire] Re: Morse KOB & MTC Promotion

At a recent demo, a visitor told me that he had an app on his smart phone which would allow him to send Morse code.

He had an Android smart phone.

I don't have an Android phone, but I checked the iPhone App store and found ten or so Morse apps, with prices ranging from zero up to $4.99.

I didn't check any of them out, but from the descriptions, it appears that they may all be for International Morse.

One of them mentioned that it used the Farnesworth method.

Might be worth checking out, to see if any of them are actually American Morse.

That would allow you to practice receiving anytime, anywhere..
   It would be fairly easy to create some practice recordings on your smart phone.

I think you said that you had loaded a dictionary into your Morse KOB lessons file.

Use that dictionary to send from Morse KOB in American Morse in five minute segments, possibly a little longer or shorter, and as it is being sent, record it, using the free Audacity program.

Then sync that recording to the music section of your smart phone, giving it an appropriate name.

Once it is on your smart phone, you can then play it back just as you would a music file.

I created American Morse ring tones for my phone that way, except, of course, I saved them as ring tones rather than music.
If you're not familiar with Audacity, here is a link to the site where it can be downloaded:

73 - Warren McFarland MorseKob- & SlowSpeedWireGroup


I guess this cannot be understated enough

* When learning American Morse, try to stay at 20WPM or higher

* When learning American Morse, use a sounder, don't use a tone

* Only use tone for international morse for radio

Ted Wagner


Old advertisement

Hi All,

I was just perusing an article on the Friends of the BNSF site talking about a former GN telegraph operator, Gordon Leo Short (who passed away in 2001 at 82). This link is:

but I don't know if you can see it if you are not a "Friend" of the BNSF.

Anyone out there ever know of him?

Anyway, in the article was a neat ad for the Gale Institute, a telegraph school from 1949.

If the beginning wage $3800 was true in 1949 that wasn't bad pay.

The first job I had out of college in the early 70's as a Senior Studio Engineer in a local broadcast TV station only paid $5500 a year and that only because I had the FCC First Class Radiotelephone License (where the "senior" came from.

I've attached the image of the ad.

It is large and detailed enough that it might be useable in a telegraph display.

73, Chris Hausler MorseKob- & SlowSpeedWireGroup




Chris & All
I think there may have been a little marketing exaggeration in that ad.

There may have been a telegrapher job, somewhere, that paid that much, but I was working a a train dispatcher and only made about that same amount in 1949. I remember seeing those Gale Institute ads, usually in the "pulp" magazines, the ones with western and detective stories, printed on rough paper where you would occasionally run across a sliver of wood embedded in the paper.

Many well known authors got their start writing for them, where they were paid one cent per word!
We frequently get asked how people learned to telegraph.

The ad will make a good addition to our demonstrations.
73 - Warren McFarland


For the Lovers off..................

I cannot receive the qtc the qtc window it doesn't copy the qso from mmtty windows can i help me
73 juan lu3hy

Hi, I was having trouble too. maybe this video will help you:

73, Tom, KG3V

TNX Tom but this a video of old N1mm , I am using the N1MM plus
73 Juan lu3hy - lt0h

Bad news.

I just went to the N1MM Plus reflector.

Long thread there about this.

They basically say - go back to N1MM Classic for this contest if you must RX QTCs! I was able to send them.

I wil not be receiving QTCs.
73 and gl, Tom, KG3V


This is a bug that did not turn up in off-the-air testing, and won't be fixed before the end of the contest.

Best thing to do is to revert to N1MM Classic.

73, Pete N4ZR

I know this doesnТt help those who are having problems, but IТm able to send and receive QTCТs just fine with N1MM+. Win7 Pro 64-bit OS here.

GL, 73, Bob Ц W3YY


He has a point, he has a point?......................

Don't know if this is part of the Common Core, but we must not forget about putting the characters into sets, then analyzing the union and intersection of the various sets.

Example: What is the intersection of X = {didahdit, didahdahdit, didah} and Y = {didahdit, didahditdit, dididahdit}?

I've always found that to be not useful.

(I will send a free QSL card to anyone that sends in the right answer, if I have asked an actual question.)

Steve Kristoff AI9IN


CW ringtone help

The ARRL has a couple of CW ringtones which can be downloaded as MP3 files.

I saved one to my computer, but don't know how to send it to my phone.

I have a simple Samsung Go Phone (AKA a "Dumb" phone}.

I can't find a sync cable with the right end to connect the phone, and don't know how else to do it.

Any ideas (or maybe it's time for a new phone)?
Garth, KF7ATL


I would like to know how to do that too.

Try this from a couple of years ago. I have never tried it, so, let me know
if/how it works out.
Sam Neal N5AF

I used this website to generate personal ringtones for my friend hams.

Then I've converted it to MP3 and uploaded to my phone.
If you don't have a sync cable, check if your phone has bluetooth.

You could try to send your ringtone over to your phone using Bluetooth connection.

Phone should be able to accept such a file and let you save it into your ringtones or music folder on your phone from where you should be able to use it as a ringtone.
Fri, 22 Nov 2013 Daniel SQ2KLU


I found adding my own CW ringtone to be a fun little project.

I set the dumb-phone to record audio, placed the mic under the edge of my HW-8,

Back in the simple menu, I selected that little audio file to be the ringtone.

At our ham club, it can be a cute interruption.

Glen Ellis, KK4LPG on QRZ


I don't have a CW ringtone for calls, but I use a droid app called SMS2CW to read me my text messages.

It's very useful while driving, when I can't look at the phone.

73 Kate


Well at least for my Android Smart Phone.

I was looking toooo deep for a solution.

Here are the steps to create individual CW ringtone for each individual calling.

I set up my transceiver to use the sidetone as a code oscillator.

Accessed my voice recorder on my android phone.

Hit record on the phone while holding it near the speaker.

Transmitted the desired name to be recorded.

Hit stop on the recorder.

Selected the proper menu Item to rename the file the same as the person's name I just recorded.

Closed the recorder.

Opened the contacts section on the phone.

Selected the name of the person that matches the name recorded.

Select edit.

Scroll down to ringtone and select RINGTONE.

Drop down window displays: DEFAULT RINGTONE, SOUND, PHONE RINGTONE. -- Select SOUND

This opens a list of files- Select SOUNDS.

New window opens showing recorded files.

Select the file you just renamed in the voice recorder.

Press OK, This will take you back to the edit section of the contact.

Select Save.

Now when you go to that contact and scroll down to the ringtone it should show the file you name it.


Hope this makes sense.

For me I now have the first names of my family members set as ringtones in CW.

What I set up was "de (name name name) K"

I have not yet figured out how to set the ringtone for non-contacts.

My dumb phone used to send "Answer da phone K"

Jim Bassett W1RO-ARRL Life Member

NNN0GBE/NNN0ZKQ-Nevada State Director, Navy-Marine Corps MARS


I found a website that is a text to CW converter.

I typed in my call and set the speed I wanted and it saved it as a temporary MP3.

I saved the MP3 file to my computer, then used the cord to move the file to my phone.

It was then a simple matter to go into my phone's settings and set the MP3 as a ringtone.

Now I never get my ringtone confused with anyone else's.

Garth, KF7ATL



For more Google : text to cw mp3 converter

73, Jan P. pa3clq


Why just one ringtone?

Why not a ringtone for each person who regularly calls you.

I used a program called WinMorse 2.

ItТs free program and you can get it at:

I have ringtones set up for all of my friend and family, I even have ringtones that tell me where my wife is calling from, work, cell phone or home.

Once the audio files are created I just load them into iTunes and convert them to iPhone ringtones.

73, Art W2NRA


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