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American Electro Magnetic Telegraph by Alfred Vail

Description : This 1845 booklet (24 pages) by Alfred Vail describes all aspects of the Washington-Baltimore telegraph line.

It covers the batteries, wire, key, register, code, and more, with numerous illustrations.

It might be termed a technical manual for that installation.

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Early History of the Electro Magnetic Telegraph
Description : This book, 36 pages, was written by Alfred Vail's son (Stephen) and published in 1914, in attempt to assure that Alfred Vail received credit for his contribution to the invention of the electromagnetc telegraph.

The son writes that "Morse invented a telegraph system and Vail invented the telegraph."

The book contains the contract between Morse and Vail, as well as excerpts from private correspondence and many other sources.

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An earth-return telegraph circuit over a few miles long exhibits

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Ed  AL7N Telegraph Office FB Fairbanks, Alaska

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ARLL SKN Straight Key Night

SKN is one of the great old traditions in Ham Radio.
If you want to have fun, make QSOs and make memories check it out.
One of the friendliest activities that you'll find, Objective: This 24-hour event is not a contest; rather it is a day dedicated to celebrating our CW heritage. Participants are encouraged to get on the air and simply make enjoyable, conversational CW QSOs.

The use of straight keys or bugs to send CW is preferred.

There are no points scored and all who participate are winners.

Straight Key Night is held every January 1 from 0000 UTC (December 31st 1900 EST) through 2359 January 1st UTC. (1859 January 1st EST)

All authorized Amateur frequencies, but activity has traditionally been centered on the HF bands.

Log Submission Deadline-
Entries for Straight Key Night must be received by January 31.

Votes for ‘Best Fist’ and “Most Interesting QSO” will be tabulated and included in the results.

Contact Information-
For contest information contact
or (860) 594-0232

Go for complete details to;

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Ahhh ... the day for operators who

1) use a straight key once a year,

2) use CW once a year, or

3) are way too into the celebration to be using CW!

73 Kate K6HTN


I remember one year, my XYL & I were stranded in our big house that was on pillars.
We 6' of water from the White River running under and around us.

Just kept the fire stoked and played straight key.
Joseph L Pontek Sr v31jp


Nixie horloge at:

An CONRAD production



The message written on the Telegram envelope is Baudet Code! It reads :::

                         MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR


Posted by: G SCHRADER


73, pa3clq, Baudot code symbols.


Thought you might get a chuckle out of this….

73 de VK5BUG/Doc

Howdy Doc and the group,
Thanks Doc, very funny, great video from OH6DC.
I would advise Tarzan to eat his "paddles" and replace them with new ones before they turn brown.

Blackened and mushy "paddles" would inevitably cause severe QSD and Jane would copy zilch...
Thanks again Doc, merry Xmas down there, BCNU.

73, Yann, F5LAW

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