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A GREAT DISPLAY ITEM ................McElroy chart

Ted McElroy, world champion telegrapher during the 1920s and 30s, created his famous Chart of Codes in 1943. It was printed on a cloth backing and measured 25 by 38 inches......................

At over 2 x 3 feet, this is a great display item for the telegraph instrument collector or amateur radio operator.

$125.00 (USA S&H = $9.00 / due to size foreign shipping must be priority mail, inquire for rate)

Small McElroy chart 
As above, but smaller 11 x 17 inch size, printed in full color on heavy paper card stock. Just right to pin to your wall or suitable for framing. Makes a geat gift to a key collector or amateur radio Morse code (CW) operator. 
$7.95 (plus shipping = USA S&H $3.00, Canada $3.50, other foreign $6.50)

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73, PA3CLQ


Hello Everyone:
    As many of our long-time list members know, the "slowspeedwire" Yahoo Group was originally established as a forum to aid those who were either learning American Morse or those who were working through the technical problems associated with setting up their instruments for the dial-up telegraph hubs.

However, over time, this group has slowly evolved into a default forum for a wide range of telegraph related topics.

However, this does present a few interesting problems, such as:

    * New Morse Telegraph Club members have complained that they were unaware that the club had an e-mail forum.

Simply put, few new members put "slowspeedwire" and "Morse Telegraph Club" together.

    * The title "slowspeedwire" is somewhat "limiting," in that it really doesn't fit the broad range of discussions that take place here.

Undoubtedly, some assume the "slowspeedwire" is limited only to the original intent of the group, which is that of a forum for those learning Morse.

    * Finally, the group is open to everyone, which is, for the most part, a very good thing.

However, there are times when it is appropriate to seek input from only our Morse Telegraph Club members.

There are also times we would like to distribute information that is appropriately limited to MTC members.

Such topics as financial reports, requests for input on club projects, suggestions for museum projects, requests for volunteers and other subjects are often best limited to our members in good standing.

    Based on these and other factors, we have created a new "Yahoo Group" entitled "Morse Telegraph Club."

The purpose of this new group is NOT to eliminate the "slowspeedwire" group.

Rather, it is intended to serve members of the Morse Telegraph Club for purposes such as:

    * Keeping members, chapters and officers in touch with each other.

    * Soliciting ideas for improving the club.

    * Disseminating information intended for club members.

    * In-depth discussions about telegraph history, telegraph demonstrations, re-enactments, and the like.

Over time, we would like to see the groups evolve to be divided as follows:

Morse Telegraph Club: A forum for those who are active in MTC.

This forum would be the "go-to" place for discussions about telegraph history, club activities, advice for telegraph demonstrations, re-enactments, museum projects, requests for volunteers and the like.

Slowspeedwire: This forum would be the "go-to" place for those who are new to telegraphy.

Here, members could ask questions about basic telegraph technology, ask for advice regarding how to learn Morse, and similar questions.

MorseKOB: This forum has always been intended primarily as a vehicle for technical questions about the MorseKOB program and operational questions about using the MorseKOB system.

    Please allow me to reiterate: This is not a request for anyone to leave the "slowspeedwire" group (not that we could make anyone do so anyway! LOL). Everyone is welcome to continue using it.

However, we would like to encourage those who are MTC members to join the new "Morse Telegraph Club" group.

One can be a member of more than one group so feel free to stay with "slowspeedwire" and feel free to continue to use it as you have.

In order to subscribe to the new "Morse Telegraph Club" Yahoo Group, simple send an e-mail to:

    Your e-mail request should include your first and last name so that I can check it against the Morse Telegraph Club roster. Like the slowspeedwire group, this is also "restricted" group, which simply means the moderator must approve all memberships on the list.

This is done primarily to prevent spam.

Obviously, all MTC members will be automatically approved.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail.

Thanks, 73,

James Wades

International President,

Morse Telegraph Club, Inc.

73, pa3clq


About Arduino


Mini in the box






Rotaries on the Mountain

(Trains & Snow)

The writer had seen the NFB Ц УmoviesТ some time ago!!!

They were interesting.

This HD video made in the Sierras,Nevada in 2011 У is the real dealФ and very intriguing!

Because our father was a УRailroaderФ we always lived (most times) in a Railway dwelling beside the Railway Line!

As a youngster in 1938, I remember seeing my first УFIRSTФ major snow removal operation after a horrendous snow storm with heavy drifting!

It was a CNR Snowplow with TWO У Peanut Roasters Ц like two fiery monsters Ц coming thru high snow drifts on some sand flats.

You could not see the plow nor the two engines for flying snow as they busted thru the drifts!

The fellows riding the plow and working the levers had to have more guts Уthan Dick Tracy.

gs@OA  G. Schrader


Statement from my insurance advisor!

"Smart or not smart that's the question"


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"Amateur radio is a contact sport.
Get on the air and make a contact!"
-- Lyle Amundson, K0LFV



No typos were destroyed in the making of this email

73, Art W2NRA


73, your editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variants"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: