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Have Telegraph Instruments Near Your Computer?

Here is an interesting 4 minute video, demonstrating what a powerful permanent magnet can do to a computer.

For those of us who have telegraph sounders and relays close to our computers, this video will provoke some thoughts, although there is a significant disparity in the magnitude of the magnetic force fields involved.

Monster magnet meets computer...

Will a 6" neodymium magnet destroy a computer?

In this Video i give you the answere.

Link to video, were i take the HDD apart:


How SuperMagnets Neodymium are made at:


Super-strong neodymium magnets at:


Exposed ? Free Energy Magnet Motor


Probably a scam: Muammer Yildiz magnet motor

Energy for free?

Free Energy Magnet Motor

Tesla comes after 100 years yet again around the corner, an impressive demonstration at TU Delft.

And much more of that stuff at:

Demonstration at Eindhoven TUe in 2009 at:

Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor PATENT DOWNLOAD for FREE at:


More and More Free Energy Motors Oh Boy Oh Boy


Magnet rotor at:


Asinhronik on magnets (for the windmill) at:


Free energy generator - outside - filmed in on take at:

Oh boy apparently a radiostation near


Troy Reed - Magnetic motor #1 at:

Very nice looks like a 4 cylinder


Permanent Magnetic Motor From Argentina at:

A self running, free energy generator!


Self Running 40KW 40,000 Watt Fuelless Generator at:


Pakistani Claims to invent free Electric Generator part 1 at:

part 2 at:



Mythbusters Free Energy "Busted at:


For the handyman strong magnets at:


I want such a motor in my car, my bike and so but they are nowhere to buy remarkable for such a FB product? Why not?


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