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Beste mede amateur,

Dear fellow amateur,
In deze mail staat een link waarop het zestiende DKARS-Magazine is te downloaden.

This mail contains a link which the sixteenth DKARS-Magazine is available for download.
De Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is een stichting die de belangen wenst te behartigen van ALLE radioamateurs binnen het gehele Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

The Kingdom Dutch Amateur Radio Society is an organization that seeks to represent the interests of ALL radio amateurs throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society wens ik je veel leesplezier nadat je op deze link hebt geklikt:

On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society, I wish you pleasant reading after you click on this link:
Wil je in plaats van een PDF te downloaden het Magazine on-line doorbladeren? 
Dat kan ook, ga dan naar deze link:

Want to download a PDF instead of browsing Magazine on-line?
This can also go to this link

73 namens de DKARS 
Peter de Graaf 
Secretaris DKARS


[SOC] Is it collecting our email address's ?

SOC -- Second Class Operators' Club

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73, D.J.J. Ring, Jr.

Its common knowledge on the streets and amateur radio equipment manufactures that we outnumber the first class operators 20 to 1.

My logic is most likely flawed, seems to me that our www site will be hacked more often than others and strange www links posted.
Are some of these links there just to identify active email address's for later use ?

A email harvester of sorts.
By the time your reading this email I've posted to the SOC somebody at the arrl headquarters is probably wondering if either the wouffhong or the rettysnitch will make it through airport security for transport to Alaska.

To deal with people for asking such questions about posts to our SOC forum.
These people even have a organization & www site.
And yes, I use a vibroplex bug key and my cw qso's last longer the usual 12 to 15 seconds.
73 de AL7JK


Vibroplex, known instrument of TORTURE.
Especially with LONG dashes and a few extra dits for seasoning.
I can hear it now: A L 7 J K PLS K.
Eeeeek, a bug!
Mine is here at:
Cootie Sending, DR
73, DR N1EA


More Morse Codes at:


Hello friends,

FYI, some Pixie and Sputnik info from Jos ON6WJ, see below.

From: Jozef Warnier

Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 10:08 AM

Subject: LAST 10 DAYS

the "555 Party

Dear QRP minded radio friends

ONLY 10 days left to achieve your 555Award!!

everything to see here

Meanwhile received some vy interesting info+ pictures from Francesco, HB9AFZ , (youngest Pixienaut hi)

Francesco is using an AF outboard filter

He writes :made from recycling hardwaremodified for best Z-adapting 4-16 ohm input .

Output is for little amplifier like LM 386 on battery.

Info found here:






Some extra news

- the "Sputnik activity days are launched some 24 hours ago!!

All info hee to see:

Tnx Oleg, RV3GM for update.

Best 72+73 Jos ON6WJ

Hello friends,

Some news from the Sputnik gang, Jos ON6WJ, Oleg RV3GM et al, see below.

Jos is QRV tonight with his Sputnik at 1900 UTC on +/- 3550 3560 3575 kHz, QSO wanted.

Good luck Jos, keep up the good work.

From: Jozef Warnier

Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 5:09 PM

Subject: Re: [Sputnik]Sputnik Days begining

Dear SPUTNIK & Low Power minded radio Friends.

Big congrats to Oleg ,RV3GM for the new "Sputnik activity days 2015 here my entree:

Lately a bit busy with my new "SPUTNIK MK2-made-in-Belgium (sri some backlog orders for a special Russian customer) but finally could make a lot of steam whoehahaha (the 2 tubes in PP are 1P24b) for the moment 80 meters is alive and kicking !

Just only connecting the RED (on air) and GREEN (st-by) LEDs and we are in buzziness for a lift off:-) for the SPUTNIK entries:

Power output is limited to 800mW ( resistor in the screen grids) now making other tankcoils for new Horizons :-)

Tonite hope to make my first beep beep beep QSO on 80 meters.

If someone could be QRV around 19:00 UTC ? +/- 3550 3560 3575 KHz will be beeping there curious but my rocks are vibrating nearly 1 KHz higher then in other transmitters schematic = Frank C.Jones Push Pull Transmitter (Radio Handbook 1937).

Cheerio Jos  ON6WJ

Front tank coils are wound on big Syringes in octal sockets change of bands ?

Just other tankcoil" and another rock"


Good beep-beeping to all here

Cheers 72+73 Jos ON6WJ

On 4-Oct-2015, 19:26 Oleg has (Mr72) RV3GM wrote:
Dear Space Friends, don't forget to send reports about your Sputnik/Vanguard QSOs/SWLs, please.

Also pictures, schemes of your TXs are appreciate to add on the Sputnik gallery.
Victor UA1CEX operate on the old valves military TX 1 W G5RV on 20 m.
Peter PA0PJE informed he QRV on 21 MHz on Sputnik clone TX with two "rod" valves.

Also Peter operate on 20 m with Vanguard TX on Ge pnp AF118 transistors 40 mW.
Sergey RV3DSA informed about his 1960 valves TX made in Germany RV3GM used 50 mW TX on 14060 +/- kHz (old USSR Ge pnp GT320b  
transistors) together with DC RX also on old Ge types transistors (CQ and RBNs reports so far only).
Sorry, I have not info about Sputnik/Vanguard QSOs for the moment. 
Check "Sputnik Days" page on the Club 72 site -

72! beep-beep-beep...
Deep Space Communications Center operator on duty -
Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB

Have a nice day fellows, BCNU.

73, Yann, F5LAW


73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

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Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variants"

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