PA3CLQ's Leuke Linken Nr. 398

Oh Boy, oH boY.
For a low price an FB FM transceiver.
2 meter and 70 cm 5 Watt output.
I have model 'UV-5RE Plus' and this is quite satisfactory
73, J.P. pa3clq

Drones and more at:
An Conrad production
QSP pa3clq

Columbia River cable?
Any old newspapers available for that time periord?
The arrival of the telegraph would probably have been a major news story.
I've found old newspapers digitized and searchable at the Library of Congress site, and also university library sites.
There is a W.U. Alumni website at:
which might provide a lead to info as to when and how W.U. came to that part of the country.
I would have searched it myself for that info, but I just can;t see well enough nowadays to do that, sorry.
Good luck.
73 - Warren McFarland (SlowSpeedWireGroup)

Has anyone looked into a Morsekob mobile app?
I realize it may not be possible for it to be fully functional, but I was thinking of an app that would allow the user to listen to any given wire while out and about. There have been many times I have wanted to listen to a wire while I was out.
I don?t know the first thing about making an app but wished I did.
I don?t know if its even possible to do, but it would be nice to find out.
73, Joe

I've kicked that very idea around with Les a bit.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to try and convert any of the newer Python code to work on an Android system.
Plus I'm not that good at all with either Python or Android.
One of these days, I'll get around to looking at it.
Or maybe someone else would be willing to take a crack at it. I don't think that it would be very difficult to just get something to listen with.
73, Chip

Joe, here's an idea: Load Teamvirwer onto both your computer and phone, then remote into your home computer to listen to the wires.
It has worked for me for MorseKOB and ATCS Monitor.
Dave Newton, KS

Should be Teamviewer. I hate typing on my phone!
David Anderson

MorseKOB is a program for doing landline telegraphy and American Morse at:  with the help of a computer.
For more information on Morse telegraphy, visit the Morse Telegraph Club?s website at:
For more information on MorseKob visit
For downlaoding MorseKob


Wire        ID
11   |       Ed FB FAIRBANKS, ALASKA
11   |       12:00 noon EST time signal, AC
101 |       Welcome message, 10/15 wpm, AC
105 |       Beaufort Scale, 30 wpm, AC
108 |       News Headlines (Intl. Morse), 20 wpm, AC
109 |       News Headlines, 20 wpm, AC
110 |       1865. News Wire, 15/18 wpm, GH via CB
111 |       Stock Wire, 30 wpm, FB
113 |       AT&SF Realtime OS Reports - Middle Div'n
113 |       OS report, DA
115 |       1887. Time Signal - Continuous, CB
116 |       12:00 Noon EST 1887 Time Signal, CB
117 |       Magnetic Telegraph Old News Wires (20wpm), CB
118 |       Magnetic Telegraph Old News Wires (30wpm), CB
119 |       Magnetic Telegraph Old News Wires (40wpm), CB
120 |       News Headlines, 15 wpm, DD
121 |       News Headlines, 20 wpm, DD
122 |       News Headlines, 25 wpm, DD
123 |       News Headlines, 30 wpm, DD
124 |       Practice Words, 15 wpm, DD
125 |       Practice Words, 25 wpm, DD
204 |       York County Rail Trail Feed, CB
205 |       Wells Fargo Telegrams, AC
205 |       PX - Wells Fargo, Phoenix

Install MorseKob and listening to the wires pse.
73 Jan P. pa3clq

Another annoying networking problem
For the benefit of others.
If you are in a field away from the internet and just use a hub to connect your computers, there will be no DHCP server and Windows will use the "Alternate Configuration" settings to assign an IP address to the adapter.
These default to handing out 169. addresses.
Whilst this is normally OK, Windows will treat these networks as Public and run them through the firewall.
Rather than punch holes through the firewall or disable it, the network has to be changed to be a Home network.
    What I did was as follows:
1. I assigned static addresses in the "Alternate Configuration" tab of the adapter settings.
I did it this way so that the adapter could still pick up a DHCP address when it was plugged into a full network.
Tip: make sure you fill in the gateway field (I chose Multi to be the gateway)
2. Follow the Fix it Yourself guide in Windows 7 Network connections are stuck in Public mode at:
Gareth - M5KVK

Good Morning.
I was looking at my framed copy of the cartoon "At the Old Depot," which I have had for many years.
It amazes me how many details are in that  picture.
I imagine most on here are familiar with it, but in case some aren't, I am sending an attachment ... enjoy!
73,  Skip Luike

At the Old Depot

Thanks for posting that.
I lost my copy in a computer change a few years ago.
BTW, I found a 200 dpi image at:
It blows up nicely for a closer look.
Did you notice his chair is equipped with insulators?
Steve Bartlett

Steve .... yes - the insulators were pretty common .... they may have helped during thunderstorms, but also took the place of casters, making it easier to slide the chair around.
Every time I look at the pic I find something I had not seen before.
Thanks for the better pic URL ....
the one I used was just one I grabbed off Google Images.
Have never noticed the Johnson advertisement before .....
73, Skip Luke

In 1985 I spent a couple of nights in a hotel in Marysville, Pa, overlooking Enola Yard.
The restaurant had not only a small diorama of ancient (late 1800's era) model trains, but all the restaurant's chairs
had glass insulators on the legs.
There was no need for electrical insulation, but it did make the chairs move easily on the carpet.
I had not seen this before, so at the time I assumed that it was just for ease of chair motion and to reduce rug wear.
Steve Bartlett

I had an old captain's chair with insulators that came from a Montana Forest Service lookout tower.
Those wooden towers had pig windows all around, and were perched on mountaintops.
I am sure the insulators provided some comfort during a thunderstorm, whether or not it would make a difference electrically.
As to the cartoon, I only worked in one agency that was anywhere close to the cluttered one in the drawing.
On the IC RR, most of the offices were pretty clean and organized.
73, Skip HA - EW SlowSpeedWireGroup

I went to school with a fellow and his wife who spent time manning the old White Pine Lookout tower west of Ft. Collins , CO.
They had an old "Crank & Holler" telephone line up there (no radios at that time) and had a wood stool with insulators on the legs that they were required to use when on the fone and thunderstorms were about.
They say it really got wild at times on top of that mountain...Lots of St. Elmo's Fire and that sort of thing.
I've got glass on the legs of my operating chair at FB too...Not much "17" hereabouts, but it makes it easy to slide on the carpeted floor.
Ed. FB

Hello friends,
Have a look at Pascal's - F6UIG SSN webpage, audio and video clips available.
BTW, there's always something to be salvaged from the club station garbage can...
Have a nice week folks, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW.

73, your Editor PA3CLQ

My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas
Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"
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Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variants"
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