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Dear friends,

If you find the information behind the URLs in my PLLs interesting is advisable to download this information ..

Often, this information is after some time no longer available or has been moved to another unknown provider.

If so fill in the URL / take a look at:

If you have interesting info for my PLLs pse sends it to me.

Take a look at:

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With tanks to Alexander Zudov "ALI" R6CN former RV6ANQ Anapa Russia.



In the past i was looking for morse codes used in Russia & other several nations,,,,,,,,,,,,

but indeed the URL was elsewhere

David Ring N1EA wrote on 27-05-11:


Try searching for the latest Internet archive (on Google).
Then search for this page: sri is out of order (3clq)
If it finds that page you will see a calender with different dates that you can click.
REMEMBER save the material as it is no longer on the Internet.
73, DR
Cris Wesseling from CWI-Amsterdam wrote 22-10-11:*/ sri is out of order
meldt "[url] has been crawled 76 times going all the way back to August 19, 2003"

De laatste waar bruikbare content in staat is uit december 2009:  yes this is it !!!

Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica at:

David Ring wrote on 21-10-11

That is the Internet Archive - they have a dozen or so giant computers that store everything that is on the Internet - well almost everything! -

73, DR


Midweek CW Enjoyment

The Wednesday CWops CWT operating events are a load of fun, particularly when they slow down to 20wpm or less.

Wednesday 11 NOV is one of those days of nice and easy CW. 
There are three one-hour sessions: 1300z, 1900z, 0300z (actually Wednesday evening in NA).

Here are the rules:

Here is a more descriptive link provided by VE3KI, the event manager:

Everyone is welcome to join in! No logs, just consider posting your score to:

I plan to operate using a straight key and will certainly exchange my SKCC number.

Thanks! 73, Dean, NW2K


Several objects at:

Flightsimulator & movy about Man's Earley Flight Attemps, priceless

An Conrad production, see:

QSP: pa3clq


Software for free at:


Home Telegraph set-up for the Newbie. (American Morse) 


Coming to this from CW, I am wanting to build up a home telegraph nook.

I have around 10 Keys or so, 3 suitable for landline telegraph with the send receive switch.

I have spotted several sounders on E-Bay, that I may bid on soon as the Eagle Flys again.

    My 1st question is: Where was it that I read about a raspberry pi/modem setup for a home setup.

I would prefer to have a 24/7 setup without tying up any of the household computers.

I've read so many pages about the subject here I seem to lose them.

    2nd. question: Direct cable to the Router is what is needed, Yes?

    3rd. question: Who could construct an American Morse Course, that would be a mirror of the Chuck Adams International Course?

That is such a comprehensive course.

    4th. question: I have a number of friends around the World who might be interested in establishing internet to phone switchboards in their respective countries, should anyone desire it.

    5th. question: I read the article about the 300 baud modem as an interface, would any external modem suffice?

Those are my beginning questions, looking forward to Working the Wires.



Hi Leo,

I'll take a stab at answering your questions, and I invite others on this list to jump in with additional information.

    1) If you read about a Raspberry Pi system for doing Morse, there's a chance you may have stumbled across my page at:

If so, I have to apologize, because that's an experimental project that -- like many of my efforts in recent years -- never went anywhere.

If you're comfortable with Linux and enjoy tinkering, then the Raspberry Pi could be a reasonable platform for what you want to do.

But if you're looking for the simplest (and maybe cheapest) way to get a dedicated Morse computer up and running, you might be better off finding an inexpensive (possibly used) Windows system and run MorseKOB 2.5 on it.

    2) If you want to do Morse over the Internet, then a direct cable connection to your router is preferable.

Although a wireless connection will work, you may experience dropouts.

Internet Morse systems such as CWCom and MorseKOB use UDP (a connectionless datagram protocol) rather than the TCP/IP protocol which detects errors and automatically retransmits packets if necessary.

    3) You might want to take a look at the KOB Morse Course document at:

It's intended specifically for experienced CW operators who want to learn American Morse.

    4) Your 4th question appears to be more of a comment than a question.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "establishing internet to phone switchboards", but it sounds interesting.

Can you elaborate?

    5) Unfortunately, a "modern" modem (meaning anything designed in the last 20 years or so) cannot be used for doing Morse over the dialup phone network. You need one of the original 300 baud modems that allow direct control over the modem tones.

The problem with later modems, even ones that support 300 baud, is that they can only transmit and receive ASCII characters, not marks and spaces of arbitrary duration.

I hope this helps.

Once you get your equipment set up, I know you'll get a warm welcome from the folks on the wire.

73, Les


Civil War News FeedThe Civil War News Feed is now being sourced from the CB server on wire 110. [MorseKOB] 
    The number of days of dispatches that are sent have been increased to 20 from the previous 3 days due to the reduction in war-related dispatches as the war was winding down.

This should provide a constant feed, but if you ever notice that news items are not being sent, please notify me and I can adjust the date range further.
    Plans are to repeat the cycle again beginning in 2016 with the possible addition of historic telegrams that Kevin Saville has come across.

I have used the feed numerous times for school demonstrations and it really helps the students get a taste of what the news was like in the early days of the "Victorian Internet."
    Many thanks to Les who was sourcing the feed from his AC server for the past 5 years and also to Kevin for creating the message feed from GH, Gull Harbor, nearby his home.
73, Chip CB (Chip Morgan)


Have Fun 73, pa3clq SlowSpeedWireGroup & MorseKobGroup

Very unusual Bug Key for sale



Brewer Cipher Code

Any one here familiar with the Brewer Cipher Code?

It was a simple word substitution code use to send messages privately.

I have a cloth-bound cy which was given to me by Bruce Cedarholm, Milw Road AVP-Transportation, shortly before he retired @ 1984, when I worked for him in HQ 
Early in his career, Mr. Cedarholm was a telegrapher in MT and I was one of the last kids to learn to use the wire on the C&M Divn in Chgo area in the '70s so he knew I wd appreciate it.

The book, which is in pretty fragile condition is a second ed. dated 1902. There's a typed note, dated Nov. 18, 1920, glued inside the cover, listing all the officers who had a cy of the book.

"Cipher" not visible here, it's at the back.

CONTEST RULES: Only open to Michigan residents. Must be at least 21 years of age to enter. ‘Trip’ does not cover travel expenses and is valued at $300. Not redeemable for cash value. Employees of Right Brain Brewery and its distribution partners are not eligible to win. Purchase not required, just crack the code and send us a message! Void where prohibited. Right Brain Brewery, 225 E. 16th Street, Traverse City, MI, 49684 jeffandkegs_n.jpg

Google Brewer Cipher Code

73, pa3clq


Unknown Bug

Hello friends,

I received an email from Paul, ON4ADI.

We had a fb QRP QSO on 3.560 MHz.

He was using 5 Watts into a Magloop​ and received RST 569.

I recognized his bug sending and asked him what type of bug he was using.

He did'nt know.

Paul send me a few photo's though but that did'nt ring a bell here.

Looks like a homebrew (?) bug. Is there someone who can shine a light on the matter.

73 Durk, PA3BYW




Looks like a lot of parts from a J-36 BUG?



Nice Steamloc


73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variants"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: