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Independent Telegraph club CQCW invites you to join the club members.

Our organization is still very young, but already unites more than 350 (Today 11-12-15 391 (3clq)) radio Amateurs from 30+ countries of the world.

About the policy and the rules of the club can be found at our website:

Download and unpack memberlist at:

E-mail to Alexander (ALI) R6CN former RV6ANQ


Award programma CQCW

Presidential Programm "The Great Inventors"

Applicant diploma must be fulfill the following conditions;

During the one day to collect 10 points, using any variants of suffixes of the letters T, E, S, L, A. (Only those letters)

Other letters must not be present in the suffixes !!!

Points for suffixes see table:

3 letter suffix
х бук. суффикс

2 letter suffix
х бук. суффикс

1 letter suffix
х бук. суффикс

3 Pt.

2 Pt.

1 Pt.

Reporting period - from 21 September 2013.

Mode - only CW!

Conditions for SWL are the same.


Speaking of the old Baltimore & Ohio Railroad here's,,,,,,,,,

a current Facebook video of the bridge over the Wabash River on the former B&O line between Decatur, IL and Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was taken using a drone and it opens with a view heading westward from the Montezuma, Indiana end of the bridge towards Hillsdale, Indiana where I worked at the tower in 1954.

The rails have been removed from the ties.

I saw many, many heavy freights heading eastward at Hillsdale towards this bridge.

It's a shame they tore up the rails between Hillsdale and Indianapolis (maybe east of Indianapolis, I don't know).

George, N9EJS


SO2R & Flexradio on german keyboard Stereomode (Good to know?)

Hello guys,

i have Flex-6700 and use SO2R with N1MM Plus and german keyboard.

When I want to switch to STEREO Mode (two slices will be ON simultaneously all the time) with Tilde Key itТs not working.

They are not opportunityТs to do this on other keyboard than US.

I should switch in windows to the US keyboard and that klick the same key (tilde) like on US keyboard.

Additional УConfig - Sub receiver always ONФ not make any different when using N1MM in SO2R and Flexradio.

I would suggest for stereo mode another (international) key on keyboard to use instead of tilde key, or couple the УConfig - Sub receiver always ONФ in SO2R as Stereo switch.

Can you give me please short feedback or Tipp about this?

Thanks in advance.

Emil, de DL8JJ



The stereo keycode is 192.

You can find the key on your keyboard with the Config, Function Keys tab, Keycode of Ins Key box or this webpage.  <<------ NICE

The Dual RX On issue is that Flex SO2R is a single VFO for each virtual radio.

Sub Receiver Always On works fine in SO2R with a regular radio(s) that is capable.

John, K3CT


What Do I Need?

 I'm new to Ham and CW.

I have been attempting to use a QRP Pixie with a 40m dipole for CW with sketchy results.

What is a good choice for a transceiver?
73, Marty KD2JQG

I always want to have an antenna with multiple band coverage: the more the better.

Multiple bands means I can always take advantage of the best propagation available at any given time.
    In the simplest case I'd choose an endfed wire over a dipole.

However, it must be cut to optimum length.

And an antenna tuner is required if it is to cover all the bands.
    Here's a good article on endfed wire lengths:

Approx 135' (34.29m) length would be ideal; 72' (18,288m) would be a good shorter length for multi band coverage.
    It's great to have a righ with an auto-tuner.

Yes, a manual tuner only takes a few extra moments to retune to previously logged settings on each band.

But being able to jump instantly from one band to another is so much nicer.

An auto-tuner will change how you operate compared to using a manual tuner.
    Beware: some rigs have very limited antenna tuners, capable of matching only 3:1 SWR or less.

Other rigs (K2 and K3 in my experience) can match 10:1 or more, which would be suitable for an endfed wire.
    Power output. I've logged thousands of WSPR contacts trying to see how much an S-unit on the receiving end is worth in number of contacts.
Results say that each time you double power output you can net 3x more contacts.
    My own setup: K3 @ 100 watts (was 10 watts for a number of years before I installed the PA module).

Endfed wire antenna, approx 90' (22.86m) length.
Also, a 10m thru 20m 'cobweb' resonant antenna in the attic.
73, Drew AF2Z

Cobweb resonant antenna see:

73, pa3clq

Actually, 137 feet (34.798m) is better than 135 feet (34.29m).

With a 17 foot (5,1816m) counterpoise.

73 - Bill KA8VIT


Yes, 135' was approximate.

You'd want to trim it to best length in your own surroundings.
A nice convenience of an endfed wire is that if you can make some provision for routing 4 or 5 ft of extra wire on the feed end you can double it back over itself for various lengths of adjustment.

Then you never have to drop the far end for trimming; just change the effective length at the shack end by doubling more or less wire in the feed.
73, Drew AF2Z


Good to know

In Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, Press Ctrl-S to bring up a Save As" or "Save Webpage" dialog window with the filename preset.
Ron, AC2C


I was encouraged to do it by WB4DBO Bill,,,,,,,,,

So this is my first WES - and after seeing the special MacGyver keymaker bonus I decided that would be a whole lot of fun..

So I made a key and made some contacts and then I had to work...

But works is slow so I'm posting a photo in the hopes other keymakers post photos of the keys they made.
Mine is as MacGyver as possible using junk I took out of the trash can beside my desk.

Cardboard, foam, a pen, a pop bottle, duct tape, and some wire.
Attached is a thumbnail and a link to full size image.
Link to full size image -


73s & Enjoy! N4IVE - David Gale


Key adjusment

Hello friends,
Very interesting stuff gentlemen, here's my 2 cents on the subject.
    When the arm of the key is a flexible blade, contact spacing depends on blade flexibility: the stiffer the blade, the narrower the contact spacing.
When the arm of the key is a rigid lever, a return system of the lever is provided.

This adjustment determines the rest position of the lever and contact spacing.
I first adjust both tensioners, magnets or springs, with approximately same amount of tension (weak to moderate) on both sides to achieve a certain equilibrium position of the lever.
I then temporarily adjust contact spacing to check if the action is good enough.

If not, I readjust tensioning.

If the action is smooth and the key produces a nice clickety-clack, I accurately adjust contact spacing.
I start with a too narrow gap and I increase it equally on both sides until no more chatter is heard.
    I adjust my keys by feel and by ear.

FYI, I accurately measured contact spacing on my TWanger and FM-32, both rigid lever sideswipers, with feeler gauges.

Gaps on both sides are as follows:
TWanger - (magnetic tensioning: 0.5 mm, 0.020".
FM-32 - mechanical tensioning: 0.4 mm, 0.016".
Thanks folks, have a nice weekend, BCNU.
Happy holidays, season's greetings.

73, Yann, F5LAW.


73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

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