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Independent Telegraph club CQCW invites you to join the club members.

Our organization is still very young, but already unites more than 400 (Today 21-03-16) 418 members / radio Amateurs from 30+ countries of the world.

About the policy and the rules of the club can be found at our website:

Download and unpack memberlist at:

E-mail to: Alexander (ALI) R6CN former RV6ANQ



Award programma CQCW

Presidential Programm "The Great Inventors"

The original idea of the club CQCW.


Applicant diploma must be fulfill the following conditions;

During the one day to collect 16 points, using any variants of suffixen of the letters Z, V, O, R, Y, K, I, N (Only those letters)

Other letters must not be present in the suffixes !!!

Duplicate letters in suffix are forbidden!

Points for suffixes see table:



Reporting period - from 21 September 2013.

Mode - only CW!

Conditions for SWL are the same.

E-mail to Alexander (ALI) R6CN former RV6ANQ



I get the following message:

Dr OM Jan Pieter - PA3CLQ

We are very happy with world wide response to CQMM DX Contest.

We hope have again you on the contest in 2016.

Pse QSP ! Help us to disclose the results between radioamateur / clubs and groups of your country.

Website CWJF GROUP at :

CWJF Group , President PY4WAS at :

Call sign of CWJF GROUP PY4KL at :



73's Ed - PY4WAS

President , CWJF Group



The April"Rag Chew" is on the web

The April "Rag Chew" is on the web now.

Lots of great articles in this issue; Dayton information, restricted space 160m antenna, articles and features of members' activities and even a free course in 

Be sure to checkout the results of the K3Y activity.
It's a jam-packed 38 pages in this issue so plenty of interesting features for everyone.

Slide down to "member services" and click on newsletter.
Thanks to all who have contributed, you make the "Rag Chew" so easy.

Of course the invitation is there for everyone to submit an article.

Field Day is coming and hopefully we'll have some FD articles for the next issue.

73, Ted K8AQM


Where Did Morse Get His Insulated Wire for Magnets ?

For those of us who spend great amounts of time poking around in the very early literature of the telegraph era, the burning and unresolved question has been: What was the source of the cloth-covered copper wire used to wind the first telegraph magnets in the early 1830s?

At Locust Grove (the Morse estate in Poughkeepsie, NY,) the docents giving tours in the 1990s enjoyed telling the suspicious tale that Morse cut up his wifeТs silk petticoats into strips and wound the strips around copper wire, to get insulated wire for magnets.

Everyone on tour would laugh, but the story had the hollow ring of a none-too-cunning myth.

Can you see that stodgy old curmudgeon spending hours wrapping strips of cloth around perhaps a thousand feet of wireЕ?

Furthermore, when one examines the wire on display at Speedwell (the estate of Judge Stephen Vail, where the first telegraph instruments were crafted by

 Alfred Vail,) in Morristown, NJ, it is apparent that the cloth covering on the wire used in the first demonstration of the telegraph (January 1, 1838) was applied by a machine.

Until now, I have never found information about the availability of cloth-covered wire in that period.

Now, however, the Archive of the University of Pennsylvania has put up a webpage dealing with one Abednego Moore and his descent, Philadelphia

manufacturers in the early 18th Century.

This website indicates that old Abednego began producing cloth-covered wire as early as 1820 (for millinery useЕ bonnets, corsets and the like.) That website

goes on to state that, УThe wire company later expanded its production to supply all of the copper wire for Samuel Morse's experiment of May 24, 1844 sending

the first telegraph message from Washington to Baltimore.Ф

    So yes, Virginia, cloth-covered wire was available a decade before Morse began doing his thing.

I am indebted to the Hon. Mr. Christoforos von Ruhl, Gentleman of suburban Philadelphia, for steering me to this website.

I have created a PDF of the ArchiveТs webpage and am posting it to the Files section of this list under the file name УCloth-Covered Wire_Abednego


73 SW & (abram burnett)

REM :see attachment pse



EUCW QRS Activity Week 2016

Dear members of the Greek Telegraphy Club,

CW youth is what we need to keep the Code alive and kicking.

In order to attract potential young newcomers and introduce them to the fun of CW,

European CW Association organizes again this year the EUCW QRS Activity Week.

The event will be held between 25/Apr/2016 and 29/Apr/2016, in order not to interlace or interfere with any other contest-type activity.

Please, take the time to read through the rules of the event, in the following URL:

and bare in mind, that participating in this event, will not boost your self-esteem, instead you will help others, possibly slow CW newcomers, to understand and love

Morse code, while at the same time you will have to exhibit extra patience working them.

Important note: New friends of CW who do not yet feel ready to put their CW on air are invited to read the SWL rules at:

Vy 73/55

Efstathios Maliakis, SV5DKL

E.C.M. Ц G.T.C.

G.T.C. #028

GTC CW Cup Contest Manager



Western Electric Warehouse

See Shorpy for more:





Homebrew cootie

QSP via SideSwiperKeyGroup

Jon WS1K

Yann F5LAW


73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: