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OM Jan PA3EGH ask

Waar, wanneer en in welk land is de eerste seinsleutel gemaakt / gebruikt met beenklem.

Where, when and in which country is the first signal key made / used with leg clip.


Waar en wanneer is als eerste de seinsleutel gemaakt / gebruikt met linnen been band.
Where and when is the first key made / used with linen leg band.


Jan meldt: Ik ben bezig met mijn tweede homepage.

Jan reports: I am working on my second homepage.

My first homepage

73 Jan PA3EGH


Please take a look at the website "jan corver"

Question: What is this.

Behind the three black plastic caps is probably the 'secret' but it has not been possible to get this open so far.

If you have an idea, contact editor pse

For surplus apparatuur see:



Some of you might enjoy the following collection of photographs,,,,,,,,,,

provided to me by a friend showing steam engines 'taking a dip"...

73, Chris Hausler

The Alton Chapter of the Morse Telegraph Club was featured yesterday on TV,,,,,,,,,,

in a video shot at the Wabash Depot in Ferguson, MO.

Here is the link to the video:

Hope you enjoy it!

Derek Cohn
Amateur Radio Station - WBØTUA
Morse Telegraph Club - Office UD, Sine DJ

Seattle article on first telegram .....

Today in Seattle:

73, Skip

MorseKob & SlowSpeedWireGroup


Radio Central Day

The Radio Central Amateur Radio Club will operate a special event station (W2RC, SKCC# 5073T) this Saturday, Oct 21 from the Marconi Shack in Rocky Point, NY.
K2RFP (SKCC# 2099S) will operate on 40m trying 7054 and 7117 and on 20m trying 14054 an 14061.

We hope to be on the air by 1200 UTC.
SSB will also be operating around 14260.
If you make it in our log and have a valid email address on QRZ.COM you will receive a certificate of confirmation for the QSO.
There is a spotter page set up for the event at

Dick. k2rfp
V2 - Antigua and Barbuda

From the Daily DX
.Next week N3OC, Brian; K3RA, Rol; PY2NY, Vitor; WT3Q, Sam; AB2E, Darrell; N3BNA, Dale; and K1DQV, Roger; are heading down to the V26B contest station on Antigua.

Leading up to the contest "various calls" will be used including V26RA and V26OC. "Operation ahead of the contest will be during the daylight hours primarily and worked in as time permits between station repairs and holiday activities" says Rol.

There will also be some WARC-79 activity prior to the contest.

Look for V26B to be QRV in the Multi-Multi category of the CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest.
73 Urb W1UL SKCC group

Announcing W6SFM's BUG ROUNDUP
The Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club, a Sacramento, California based CW enthusiast club wanted a special time to bring bug operators together on the air.

In the same spirit as ARRL's Straight Key Night, participants are encouraged to make simple, conversational, “chewing-the-fat” QSOs using their bug type key. This is an opportunity to exercise, share and exhibit your personalized fist.

This is NOT a contest.

However, there is a very easy and quick required signup form found at:

Once you are registered for the event simply Call "CQ BR" so folks know you are a Bug Roundup Participant.

So lets grab that bug, clean those contacts, and let’er fly!

We want to hear that “Banana Boat / Lake Erie Swing" or that commercial KPH/WCC quality fist.
Reserve the date!

The event begins on Friday November 17th (00:00 UTC) and concludes Sunday Nov. 19th (23:59 UTC), 2017
That's 4:00 PM Friday evening until 3:59 PM Pacific Time (LOCAL)
For more information, to register your station, and to help assist in spotting, potentially increasing QSOs, an On-line chat window link can be found near the bottom of Bug Roundup home page located at:

We hope to hear you all on the air! 73,



Hello friends,

From Tamitha Skov:
Solar Storm Forecast 10-12-2017

The latest space weather report from Tamitha Skov:
Short Solar Forecast 10-19-2017

Cheers, Darrel, aa7fv.

I often listen to RTÉ Radio 1.

Last night I enjoyed listening to "Seascapes", the RTÉ maritime programme.

The subject of the 2nd part was:
Evelyn O'Rourke reports from Valentia Island and the Kerry Amateur Radio Group recreating Marconi's first transatlantic transmission.
Seascapes webpage:

Direct link to listen to Evelyn O'Rourke's report:!rii=b9%5F21246127%5F153%5F06%2D10%2D2017%5F

Have a nice weekend gents, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW

Getting to the shack.

The AA7FV qth is on the outskirts of Tucson, but in the desert.

There are many rattle snakes in this area.
A few nights ago, we spotted this rattler on our back door mat.


The shack is in a separate building from the main house, about 100 feet away.

I have to walk along this path from the house to get to the shack:



Last night around 8 pm, on my way to the shack in the dark, I could hear an angry rattler, somewhere on or very near this path.

Even with a powerful flashlight, I couldn't see him - they're very well camouflaged.

He was clearly somewhere within striking distance of the path.

I'm afraid I decided I would abandon thoughts of getting to the shack last night, and went back into the house and watched TV instead.
If I ever fail to turn up for a sked, it may be simply be because I'm being kept away from the shack by one of the rattlers.
73, Darrel, aa7fv.

I would have come and visited you if I had been in the area but not any more!!!!

Kind regards Rich G4FAD..

My suggestion? Come by day and not by night?


Hello Darrel and the group,
Thanks for the thrilling message Darrel.
What a traumatic experience, not the rattle snake I mean, but watching TV...;-)
Well, more seriously, a very unpleasant encounter indeed, BRRR.... Be careful my friend.
Have a nice day gents, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW.

By OM Yann F5LAW SideSwiperNet Group


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E

Editor Jan Pieter Oelp PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: