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Hello. I´m Pedro,EA5GL QSL Manager.

I have you in the ED9T Log. All QSLs received have been sent. If you have not received

the QSL it is because I still have not received yours or you don´t need the QSL.


Hello i'm Jan Pieter Oelp, PA3CLQ, in january PH6SKCC, CW OP of the Dutch Old Timer Club OTC with PI4OTC, CW OP of RAG with PI4RAG

I have you ED9T in my Log.

If you have not received the QSL it is because I still have not received yours or you don´t need the QSL.


Editor...........QSO with ED9T was 20-05-17 only 6 mnd ago, nobody is that fast.


I received the following invitation,,,,,,, Spread the word,, i mean the invitation

Thank you for your participation in the 2016 CQ WW DX CW Contest.
We look forward to seeing you on the bands this year too!
CQ WW DX CW Contest Dates: From 0000 Z November 25th 2017 through 2359 Z November 26th 2017.
Contest rules are available in several languages at:

Even if you get on the air to chase some DX or give out points to friends we would really appreciate the receipt of your Cabrillo Log.
Some useful guidelines for your CQ WW DX CW Contest log at:

There are several free Contest Logging programs that you can use which will generate a Cabrillo file:

If you use a general logging software or if you log on paper we have created a document to help you convert your log to Cabrillo:

Don't forget to invite your friends to join the fun!
Vy 73, The CQ WW DX Contest Committee


[skcc] Ready to try a cootie...looking for tips and advice

Let me remind everyone reading this that I created the COOTIE CORNER topic here in the SKCCgroups for sharing all relevant information.

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and comments in that topic...... Let me also offer for those new to or wanting to know more about the Cootie key,
please read my article published in the recent (Sept. 2017) Rag Chew newsletter at the SKCC web site.

If you still have questions, please let me have an opportunity to help with an answer.
Hope to see you in the log one day.
Cheers, Mike, K5MP

K3Y Event is Just Around the Corner!

Time to kick off the QSL design contest.

Please visit the submission page for details.

K3Y 2018 QSL Card Design Contest

73, Drew — AF2Z K3Y Planning Group of the SKCCGroup


This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the group.

SECRETS OF CW by Frank Merritt VE7PFM.pdf

Drew AF2Z SKCCGroup

Editor....with tanks to the SKCCGroup. see attachment pse <PUBX1@AF2Z.NET>


[slowspeedwire] Rust in Relay Restoration

Only a person who has to deal with disaster-situations like this can appreciate the importance of lubrication in instrument assembly.

This is a photograph of some 8-32 machine screws last night pulled out of an absolutely beautiful old National Clock Co. 150 Ohm spectacle relay.

Every screw in the hole instrument was rusted fast.

Penetrating oil and some abusive language got most of the parts loose.

These two steel screws held brass binding posts onto the wood base.

The machine screws securing the coils to the magnetic yoke strap cannot be withdrawn at all. It will be necessary to grind the heads off the screws, then treat the remaining stumps with penetrating oil until they release, then clean out the threaded holes with a tap.

If you rebuild instruments, by all means PUT SOME LUBRICATION ON THOSE THREADS !

Use a small amount of grease, as grease will stay in place, whereas oil will run out over time.

73 SW &

Identifying keys and a relay sounder

I just recently purchased some keys and relay sounder and I would like a little more info on them if possible.
Item 1. Vibroplex bug. I need to know the model. Dates to 1945

Item 2. Teardrop shape key. No makers marks.

Item 3. L.C. Tillitson 80 ohm Sounder Relay. Would like to know a date range and any other info.

Item 4. A brass key. No makers marks.

Any help is appreciated.

Looks like a cheap version of a Canadian Wilson key, yet different ?


Hi Joe..

Looks like the bug is a Vibroplex "Lightning" model.

Good one if it is in good shape.

The box relay is a nice item. Looks to be in fairly good shape. Highly desireable item among collectors..

I've seen the teardrop based keys.

Don't know who.manufactured them.

Likely a very good Morse key for radio use as has no circuit closer on it.

The other key is a cheap Japanese made version of the military J-38. Fairly recent manufacture,

Lake Trump

The teardrop key is a McElroy stream key, or maybe a copy.

 I have one just like it, but with the circuit closer, and it is a very nice hand key.

I’ve been using it in my ham station for a good while now; like it much better than the J38.

Mike Cizek W0VTT

Item 3, the Tillotson box relay is similar to one I received from my grandfather, that dates from the late 1800's.

Mine has a longer base, with the additional length extending from the side with the coil terminals (not the end with the moving armature and contact).

I usually see photos of these in a KOB arrangement, with a key on that end.

Mine has room for a key but no key and definitely no holes or marks to indicate that there was ever a key there.
Steve Bartlett

Hi Joe,

Although I am not a key collector, McElroy keys are very popular and McElroy himself was quite a guy.

There's a fair amount on the web, here's a couple links to get you started:

"Lightning Bugs" (which I believe are also considered "Vibroplex No. 6") are my favorite and what I normally use around here.

I have one chrome from the mid 50's and one gray wrinkle from the late 60's and both work real well. Lionel, the toy train company, made licensed copies of them during W.W.II as the J-36 bug. I have a couple of those as well and am currently using one with my current home kit (I rotate things out every few months.

I cannot quite tell from your photo but does yours have the circuit closer lever, kind of essential for land line use. Sadly, Vibroplex no longer makes the Lightning or any bug with a circuit closer and also no longer has circuit closer "add-on" kits available.

I was still able to buy one about a decade ago from them for that late 60's unit which didn't have it (although it was drilled for it). Fortunately both the Lionel J-36's and the chrome ("presentation" model is I think what the chrome ones are called) Vibroplex came with them.

I'm also a fan of box relays, both regular and Barclay, and have a number of them.

I kind of like their somewhat muted sound.

73, Chris Hausler

There really is not room for a key on the end of the base, but there is a bit more space there than in Joe's photo.
Steve Bartlett

Steve Bartlett SlowSpeedWire & Morsekob Group


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Solar Storm Forecast 10-12-2017

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