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[slowspeedwire] From NYC yahoo group:

Wed November 29 2017 in NYC History
    November 29, 1847 Michigan's first telegraph line is completed along the Michigan Central Railroad tracks between Detroit and Ypsilanti.

The first messages sent are long and range from the price of wheat and putty to news of the Mexican War.

Eventually the line will extend to Chicago and be used by the Michigan Central to dispatch trains. 
    November 29, 1849 The Michigan Central schedules a second train on its Detroit-New Buffalo line, with a meet in Galesburgh.

(That town no longer uses the final "h".) 
Mark Tomlonson

Deceptive eBay "Telegraph" Listings.

My question Is it worth posting the locations of Deliberately Deceptive eBay Listings that claim to offer Telegraph Items but are really not telegraph items at all? The biggest abusers seam to be those who try to pass of Telephone and power pole hardware as telegraph insulators or brackets.

With some of them trying to deliberately deceive prospective buyers as to the actual nature and age of the items by using the word Telegraph in the title.

Those deceptive titles are a violation of eBay's Terms Of Service but eBay doesn't act unless several complaints are received.

If those of us who find these deceptive listings posted them here under a title such as the one I have used here then those who have the time and inclination could check the listings out and if they agree that the listing is in fact deceptive they could use the "Report item" link in the add to report it to eBay.

Since the title would say "Deceptive eBay listing than anyone who was not interested in helping to reduce these could ignore them.

Once these cheats had a couple of listings cancelled they would either desist or risk eBay closing their account with the loss of their entire feedback profile. 
    Why do I care? Occasionally I want to sell something that is a Telegraph artifact.

Since I am interested in demonstrating historic telegraphy I just put the money into something that would be more useful in that regard.

The deceptive listers make everyone wary of the prospect of being ripped off.

That makes the resale of telegraph items more difficult and buyers more reluctant. 
Tom Horne,


Nothing too new.

I used to collect railroad lanterns .....

There were always barn lanterns, traffic control lanterns, etc. listed as "railroad lanterns..."
I know how you feel, but the main thing is for the buyer to know what they are bidding on. 
If you can straighten it out, good on you.

Might be a big chore.
73, Skip SlowSpeedWireGroup


[MorseKOB] North Pole Bulletin Service

The North Pole Bulletin Service is back in operation.
Wire 206 is an open feed that may be listened to by anyone similar to the Civil War news feeds;

Wire 207 is restricted to those at or working with SB for the Home for the Holidays events at the RR Museum of PA.
73, Chip


Good to know

The SKCC was founded to keep SKN (Straight Key Night) going all year long, and that is why the founders formed it.

We take our name and our heritage very serious and request that you use only a fully mechanical keying device - straight key, semi-automatic bug, or cootie key, during all QSOs that you intend to exchange SKCC information and use for award credit.

You can review our policy on keys and exemptions here:

Should you need help with your Morse Code studies, please take a closer look at the SKCC Morse Elmers link:

You can also find information useful to new operators at the SKCC Beginner's Corner link found here:

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We have 3 SKCC sprints per month:
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There are also a couple tools available to help you arrange on-air exchanges and to help with various awards.
Stop by the SKCC Sked web page at:

Take a look to the right hand side, and you will find SKCC members logged on.

All you need to participate is to "Sign Up".
For serious award chasers, many members use the K7MJG (Mark Glenn) SKCC Skimmer.

It is a free download and takes just a few moments to install:

The SKCC has a FREE QSL Bureau. Yes, that is what I said it is FREE.

Check out the Buro at:

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[skcc] Morse Sending Videos Using US, UK Straight keys, Semi-Automatic (bug) key, and Sideswiper.

As mentioned in another email about sending with a side swiper here is a message about several videos about how to send on various keys.
I was a professional radiotelegrapher and I asked a lot of questions about how to send better for over 50 years now.
During all these videos I was doing an "life challenge" to see for myself if long fingernails do or don't pick up small items better.
(They don't.) And I was quite ill and I thought I better make these videos while I could so I made them despite feeling very ill.

I'm doing much better now but still have my moments feeling ill.

I clipped my fingernails after I convinced myself that they don't help pick up small objects like the ladies told me.

Now I have trimmed nails like any self-respecting guy.

Having nails that long actually became painful when did things like type on a keyboard or click my fingers on the desk.

Good thing that life challenge is behind me - just like the "grow a beard challenge of 1980" - I nearly scratched my face off the curly beard was so horrible.
Here's the video of me sending on a Russian KDM sideswiper (cootie) key - it was a shipboard key used by Russian Radio Officers, a nice key.

But you can see some of it, but I also am using exaggerated finger motions - but you really can't tell I'm not using the fingers to slap the key around with.

You can see the fingers and the wrist rolling but I'm keeping my thumb away from the key because I find that if I leave it near to the key I have a tendency to slur my code elements.
Much of the work is done by the wrist but on a side swiper no doubt I use my fingers but side swiper sending is very adaptive to allow good sounding code:

You do what you must do to sound good!
You can see what happens when you roll on the wrist with a semiautomatic key.

Here's one of my favorite poems.

Here's a video to show the rolling wrist motion that the old timers - and I'm talking the guys who were born in the 1800s who passed it on to me over 50 years ago.

Video on adjusting a semi-automatic key's pendulum damper:

Steve W1SFR found one secret that forces your wrist into the rolling position - simply by using the side of the finger to put against the button shaped knob!

Here's a video of a demonstration on sending with a long lever key - people in England and her associated nations where the ships were outfitted by Marconi use the long levers, ,also Scandinavia / Denmark (but NOT Germany), Norway, Sweden, Finland, but NOT Russia. India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan all use long lever keys.

Canada was also supplied by RCA of USA and USA used short lever keys but they also used long keys, but amateur usage in Canada has been mostly short lever keys.
UK type sending:

USA type sending:

I hope you liked them, if not maybe I'll do them again.
Here's some more bug sending videos:

One of my favorite poems.

I include the punctuation, too.

The four dash symbol was hijacked from American Wire Telegraph Morse by USA Radio Officers to be used as paragraph symbol.

Same poem at a bit slower speed:

I am delighted it was of some use to some.
73, David Ring N1EA


[N1MMLoggerplus] K3 - to keep diversity on.

Here's another related FYI.

For simple key reallocation, I've found Sharpkeys to be less traumatic than AHK. (Automatic Hot Key)

It just tweaks a Windows registry entry, so you only need to run the program when you change a definition and there is no need to keep it running.



Hello Friends

PSE take a look for SDR Transeiver at:


Head office XBS :
E-mail :

See eventual Succursale Commerciale : :

Website :



The latest (11-29-2017) space weather report from Tamitha Skov.

"A Mini-Storm Launch & A Fast Wind Chaser: Solar Storm Forecast 11-29-2017" "Published on Nov 29, 2017

We await the arrival of a glancing blow from a mini-solar storm due to hit today.

Although its not expected to be a strong impact, effects might be enhanced by some fast solar wind pushing it from behind.

NOAA is expecting storm conditions, especially at high latitudes over the next day or so. Solar flux remains at the low end of marginal so while not optimal, HF radio propagation continues to limp along.

At least we have no threat for any major flares and radio blackouts.

Learn details of these solar conditions and the coming solar storm, catch up on aurora photos from recent activity, and see what else the Sun has in store this week. "

The very new from Tamitha Skov

Published on Dec 7, 2017

We are coming down from the fast wind that gave us a minor solar storm, which was weaker than expected so aurora didnt last as long as we hoped.

But conditions will only stay quiet for a few days before we get hit with another small pocket of fast wind that could bump us back up to storm conditions and bring another chance for aurora.

Amateur radio operators have been suffering through poor conditions due to no active regions in Earth view (except a tiny one, region 2690, that is emerging slowly now). Luckily, in about 4 days a larger, brighter region will return to Earth view, boosting the solar flux and radio propagation.

Learn details of the recent and coming solar storms, catch up on aurora pics, and see what else the Sun has in store.
Cheers, Darrel, aa7fv

BBC Radio 4

May be of interest Yann

Tomorrow evening (Editor 04-12-2017) at 20.00 hrs on Radio 4 a SOE documentary “The Gibratar Diary of Squadron Leader Mallory”

You might even hear the tones of a certain Paraset, “Mums the word” “hush hush”


Martin g4zxn

Hello Martin and the group,
Thanks so much for the info Martin, fantastic program!

Little-known WW2 episodes, Squadron Leader Mallory's great job has been unjustly ignored. 
Some nice CW clips, at 02:17 one can hear a station working Rupert - G4XRV. 
Was it your Paraset Martin?
This is a must-listen program:

Thanks again Squadron Leader Martin, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW

Yes Yann I cannot tell a lie it was I.

The arrangement was that during the recording I would be in QSO with Antony M0HAZ at Thorpe Camp Museum Lincolnshire who was using a 19 set, it would have been a great opportunity to play being a “number station” on 60M, but no coded messages are allowed under our licence ?, Rupert heard us and popped in to say hello.

You have a good ear Yann, I am still unable to winkle out Rupert during that broadcast after several re runs.

Martin g4zxn

Thanks for the information dear Martin and congratulations on your contribution to this excellent program.

Building a replica of a Paraset and taking an active part in a brilliant History documentary on BBC Radio 4, WOW, very impressive, well done mate!
Congratulations my friend, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW.
I would have just used the sidetone and sent numbers.

The girls in Hut 3 need some more practice on the cootie key.

Tomorrow is 100 years of Finland's Independence from Russia.

1917 - at least something good happened (in the nick of time) in Russia that year.

It's moments away!

73, David Ring

Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber developed the very first electromagnetic telegraph (pre Morse) in 1833.

This excellent BBC Radio 4 program is focusing mainly on Gauss' contributions to number theory, mathematics, geometry, magnetic fields...

Great anecdotes, fascinating!

You can download the program from this page:

If you plan to put up a loop antenna, ignore the delta, square, pentagon configurations which are much too ordinary.

Be bold and, to pay a tribute to Gauss' genius, give the heptadecagon a try...

Have a nice week gents, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW

By OM Yann F5LAW SideSwiperNetGroup


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E

Editor Jan Pieter Oelp PA3CLQ

Perhaps soon i 'FADE AWAY'



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: