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Did You Know?   The Wouff Hong

The Wouff Hong - a "fearsome instrument for the punishment of amateurs who cultivate bad operating habits."

see it at:

Editor..... info via Randy_KB4QQJ


[skcc] Dentsu-Seiki Standard Hand Key - info request

English being the international language at the time and the largest market he was selling to probably had everything to do with it.
My 1952 “Swalow” (one L) is in English and as far as I know all Dentsu-Seiki and Hi-Mound keys/bugs are stamped/printed and cast in English.
Mr. Takaitsu Takatsuka fought a long hard battle both in WWII as a radioman in the Japanese Navy and then in courts to retain his founding of Dentsu-Seiki Co. Ltd. And later Hi-Mound Electro Co.
After the war Mr. Takatsuka founded those company's and kept them active into the 21st century.
The Hi-Mound name is actually a translation of his name.

Taka meaning “High” and Tsuka meaning “Mound”.
Mr Takaitsu Takatsuka became a Silent Key on 28 February 2003, at ripe old age of 92!
73 for now, Randy_KB4QQJ

Speaking of Japanese names for keys, I have wondered where the Skillman key got it's name.

There is/was an American company named Skillman that made door keys (and locks).

A funny coincidence I guess.
73, Drew AF2Z

That is a coincidence Drew!

I didn't know abut a "skillman" door keys.
The "Skillman" branded key was sold only by Radio Shack and Lafayette. (of famed CB days)
Dentsu-Seiki manufactured the bug but it was relabeled under many American and European companies.

Calrad, Allied Electronics, Radio Shack Lafayette and Hi-Mound to name a few.

He also made a vertical bug I seriously regret selling.

I do still have the Dentsu-Seike MS-02 SideSwiper. 
Just can't have too many "devices of manual Morse sending". 
Lafayette (of famed CB days)?

They were there long before CB radio came into being.

A vertical bug by Dentsu-Seiki, I missed.

I just received my VIZKEY vertical bug and hope to have to "rolling on the river" very soon.

I have a couple of Skillman coffin bugs and they do very nicely, also.
Joe, K8JP/V31JP

But most here don't remember that Joe...heh heh
Midland (also of CB fame) also relabeled the coffin bug from Dentsu-Seiki.
One of my favorite brands to collect. 


[skcc] Review of my new I1QOD Evolution Chrome bug

I recently received my new Evolution Chrome bug made by Alberto Frattini, I1QOD.

Besides being a superior bug functionally, it is also a work of art.

Alberto is a retired aircraft machinist who has devoted himself to making, perhaps, the best keys in the world.

He offers several models, including his version of the classic J-36.

One feature of my new key is that there is a separate arm for dits and dahs -- similar to an iambic paddle.

Coming from a classic Vibroplex bug, that took a little bit of getting used to.

Once adjusted, it is absolutely smooth with no bounce on the dits at all.

At 71 years of age, Alberto was lamenting that he doesn't have anyone to take over his work.

He only makes between 25 to 30 keys a year.

If you want one, expect a wait of at least 90 days between ordering and receiving your key.

Alberto won't accept payment of any kind until he is ready to ship.

My key cost 453 Euros which, via Paypal ran about $560 dollars -- which included air package express.

Bert, F6HKA has a slightly different model which he really likes.
This key is so well made that it will be the last bug I ever buy.

I plan on using it until I am no longer able to send cw.

73, Andy, k2oo
"A work of art is a joy forever."
Keats would have delighted in such an instrument.
John at radio station VE7AOV.

Great, Andy.
So, this is basically, a double lever bug.

Neat! have two double lever bugs and love them both.

It is sort of like going from a keyer to a bug, you just have to remember little differences when going to the double lever.

I suspect, when you use it often enough, it just becomes automatic, even when switching between single lever and double lever bugs, much like switching between a keyer and a bug.

I enjoy all of them, even with the occasional stumbles.
Hello Andy,
I work with the same key since last june.

At the beginning it was hard to find the perfect setup but now I don't work with other key, just for contest where I go back to the Kent twin paddle.
A picture of the wonderfull I1QOD bug magnetic prestige chrome can be watch on

Have fun with your new key
73's and cul....Léon os0s.

I don't have the I1QOD Evolution, but I have the chrome version of the J-36 bug that Alberto makes.

This keys is so balanced that it must make 200 dots - I haven't counted them but it just keeps on making dots, I think I timed it once, but I was just amazed at how long it would make dots, none of my Vibroplex keys would do this.
I like double lever bugs, and I like magnetic tensioned keys so I would probably love one of your keys, but I can't have everything and enough is enough after a while.
Alberto makes fabulous keys, I've seen and used the first dual lever bug he made and it was so beautiful.

As I said, "I cannot have everything".
73, David J. Ring, Jr. Sine: DR N1EA

Hello Friends

Thanks for allowing me with such miserable equipment promised next time , I will be QRV with modern equipment.
Yesterday my set up was TX: WS19MK2@10W + RX: BC221 Freq meter as Direct Conversion receiver with one stage RF amplifier (no other help) 
antenna 2x30m Doublet + Mildam Baby cootie, extra note:
According the BC221 (first calibrated against nearest -red-calibrating marker in the book) all SSN stations where exactly on 3566 Khz +/- 10 Hertz hi x 3


one stage regen RF amplifier + cathode follower to feed the 1942 BC221 beast
(all credit to Lewis Mc Coy QST Nov.1962)

Best 73, Jos ON6WJ
Have a nice day / week(end) gents, BCNU.
73, Yann, F5LAW

By OM Yann F5LAW SideSwiperNetGroup


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E


Not all of me will die - - - The good I do will live forever.


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