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I'm so late with this new PLLs, i blame Dr. Pazo Panib for it, not me.



Beste mede amateur,

Dear fellow amateur,
In deze mail staat een link waarop het eenenveertigste DKARS-Magazine is te downloaden.

This mail contains a link which the 41th- DKARS-Magazine is available for download.
De Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is een stichting die de belangen wenst te behartigen van ALLE radioamateurs binnen het gehele Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

The Kingdom Dutch Amateur Radio Society is an organization that seeks to represent the interests of ALL radio amateurs throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

De DKARS doet niet aan copyright en het staat een ieder vrij om deze link aan zoveel mogelijk radiovrienden door te sturen. 
The DKARS does not copyrighted and any person shall be free to forward this link to as many radio friends.

DKARS Magazine verschijnt 1x per maand en wij stellen het uiteraard op prijs als je ook (radio amateur gerelateerde) bijdrages wilt leveren. 
DKARS Magazine appears 1x per month and we obviously appreciate it if you (related radio amateur) to provide contributions.
Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society wens ik je veel leesplezier nadat je op deze link hebt geklikt:

On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society, I wish you pleasant reading after you click on this link:

Wil je in plaats van een PDF te downloaden het Magazine on-line doorbladeren? 
Dat kan ook, ga dan naar deze link:

Want to download the magazine browsing on-line instead of a PDF? This can also go to this link:

Mist u een DKARS-Magazine kijk op:

Do you miss a DKARS-magazine see:

En tot slot: heb je kopij, een mening, gevraagd of ongevraagd advies: dat kan 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week via

And finally, do you copy, an opinion, solicited or unsolicited advice: it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through

73 namens de DKARS 
Peter de Graaf 
Secretaris DKARS


De vierde Dutch Kingdom Contest

Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society (DKARS) willen wij je graag uitnodigen om deel te nemen aan een nieuwe jaarlijkse HF Contest die wordt gepland, in het eerste weekend van juni te weten: 2 en 3 juni 2018 15:00-15:00

From DKARS Magazine, Editie 42 April / Mei 2018


Evolution or technology? There they just grow on the wall, the

Vietnam Milk Funny Melon Garden Balcony Vegetable Fruit Plants see:

Editor.... nice pictures only at the URL above


Take a look for Radio projects with valves at:


Valves at:


QRP kits

From: wiebe sijtsma

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2018 11:17 PM

To: Henk Hilbink pa0htt

Subject: FW: Zenders.

Voor zover niet bekend of gezien, УArtikel Zenders Heel mooi.pdfФ

See attachment

Heel mooie knutselprojectjes.
73, PA0GWS



Nieuwe website voor het CRASH Luchtoorlog Ц en Verzetsmuseum Т40-Т45.
Op zaterdag 7 april zal de oude website worden vervangen door een nieuwe, die volledig aan de wensen en eisen van deze tijd voldoet.

Hiermee is het museum weer up-to-date.

De nieuwe website geeft meer informatie aan de СonlineТ bezoeker.

De URL blijft

QSP via SurplusRadioSociety SRS


A pdf with the slides from my $200 Panadapter Presentation to YCCC is posted at:

There are links on the last page.
73, Tom - N1MM

Realizing that I'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks,

I decided to build my homebrew key for use in the May WES well in advance.

Here's a picture:

Used a bunch of hardware on hand, including the bearings (which have been sitting around for a good 40 years).

One trip to Lowe's was sufficient for some various pieces.

No spring - used two magnets in the back.

It feels pretty good, but the knob winds up being quite high.

We'll see how my arm does during the WES.

Given that the contest is on Mother's Day weekend, there are some limitations to my operating time.
If anyone else wants to post shots in advance, it would be neat tore the other guy is going through during the WES QSOs.



John, W1TAG


The SKCC for the Intellectually Challenged

You might find this helpful



[MorseKOB] Morse Video and Audio


B. C. Telegraph Club Taps Out Morse Prayer Video


Jim Farior's famous computer program called "The MILL"


N.Y. Times - Last Day of Washington, DC to NY Wire


Saga of Telegraphy: Can'st Thou Send Lightnings?


There's also some of that "other" Morse code, even ships Morse code and SOS recordings.

73, David Ring N1EA


Here is a nice article about the Milwaukee-Madison Chapter of the Morse Telegraph Club,,,,,,,,

which appeared in the Wisconsin News today:

James Wades (WB8SIW) SlowSpeedWireGroup


Home Brew key pics?

Mine is a 3d printed key which features....
Built in pixie radio @7.110, 8 AAA Batteries. 12v, So-239 connector, A single roller skate bearing.
Only one partially visible wire, Sidetone fed back into lm386, 22lr rifle shell contact points, A single pen spring.
Bonus equipment is... matching powered speaker and matching dummy load.
I'm going to send the whole thing to my friend in Florida when I'm done playing with it this weekend.
I've made the key project public.

If you would like to tinker with the model here is a link.

Here are some photos... Please share photos of yours!

I, for one, appreciate the use of rifle shells in your key I'll #metoo this.

73s & Enjoy! N4IVE - David Gale

Photos and building instructions for my home brew paddles here:



Here is a picture of my home brew hacksaw blade Morse key.
Incredibly rare - only one ever made, the "Gordo Blade", serial number 0001



John Snell / G0RDO


[skcc] Amateur Radio On ID

Found this video:

which did a fairly good explanation of Amateur Radio.

Though you guys might find it useful for some of the non-tech people in your life.
2018 Hamfesters Hamfest at:

kurtt, WB9FMC


Bakelite for bug paddles #Bug

*** Just Google Bakelite substitutes which I just did and you will find Tufnol is the material.

Bakelite is a thermoset plastic material.
*** If you don't mind it coming from China, eBay lists: Bakelite Phenolic Flat Plate Sheet 300 mm x 300mm x 5mm Black For CNC
*** Pour your squares in black/brown pigmented polyester or epoxy, both are thermosets, like bakelite.

If needing multiples, machine a negative shape in polyethylene or teflon and cast the needed squares as above but already milled.
*** I'd recommend Delrin.

It machines beautifully, strong and stiff, completely opaque, and the surface is really low friction.

For this application, if you need a final thickness of 1/4" I'd recommend starting with a piece 3/8" or 1/2" thick and milling it dead flat:

*** Garolite would probably be most similar to bakelite.

It has fiber such as cotton or sometime fiberglass in it.

Sometimes you see gears made from it. 
Delrin is very machinable but not as hard and rigid as bakelite.

It is harder than nylon but not a lot harder.

It was basically formulated for machinablilty.

Comes up on the McMaster-Carr website when you search "bakelite sheet."
73, Drew AF2Z


PB213 key by Phil Boyle G0NVY

Hello Everyone,
I;ve tried to like this key, but its just not my cup of tea...Its a fantastic quality built copy of the Marconi 213 by Phil Boyle G0NVT ... More info at this link;

I just find that I really prefer my cooties or Bunnell Triumph style keys for daily use ... Mine literally has only had 2 or 3 QSOs made with it and Phil is always backlogged on orders .. So if anyone is interested I;d let it go for $200 + 12.65 shipping ... ( Original cable is included although not pictured)
I'd consider trade/cash deal as well ...
VY 73 DE KQ4MM - Brian

Several FB keys at that URL



Hello Friends.

Space Weather update from Dr. Tamitha Skov

A Peek into the New Cycle: Solar Storm Forecast 04-12-2018

Special Report From Switzerland: Solar Storm Forecast 04-18-2018

Stealthy Solar Storms On the Rise: Solar Storm Forecast 05-03-2018

The Sun Celebrates Cinco de Mayo: Solar Storm Forecast 05-10-2018

A New Chance for Storming: Solar Storm Forecast 05-17-2018

73, Cheers, Darrel, aa7fv

Yes here above "oude meuk", you know it's Dr. Pazo Panib fault, not me



How a newbie should learn to operate a cootie - Summary Also here:

73 , DR, N1EA

I'm slowly getting better with my sending arm after surgery and have been using a Bencher iambic paddle,,,,,,,,,

gizmo since my arm goes spastic using a straight key.
I'd like to try using a cootie as some here have recommended.

Does anyone here know of an inexpensive cootie, could even be second-hand/homebrew?

VIZ cootie is $110 plus shipping, more than I'd like to invest in case it doesn't work out.
73, Rick WU1V SKCC

Have a nice day / week(end) gents, BCNU.

73, Yann, F5LAW

By OM Yann F5LAW SideSwiperNetGroup


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E

Editor Jan Pieter Oelp PA3CLQ


For the time being, Dr. Pazo Panib is out of the picture, he makes me sick.

My new dokter is Dr. Suni Tinib



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: