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Beste mede amateur,

Dear fellow amateur,
In deze mail staat een link waarop het vijfenveertigste DKARS-Magazine is te downloaden.

This mail contains a link which the 45th- DKARS-Magazine is available for download.
De Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is een stichting die de belangen wenst te behartigen van ALLE radioamateurs binnen het gehele Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

The Kingdom Dutch Amateur Radio Society is an organization that seeks to represent the interests of ALL radio amateurs throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

De DKARS doet niet aan copyright en het staat een ieder vrij om deze link aan zoveel mogelijk radiovrienden door te sturen. 
The DKARS does not copyrighted and any person shall be free to forward this link to as many radio friends.

DKARS Magazine verschijnt 1x per maand en wij stellen het uiteraard op prijs als je ook (radio amateur gerelateerde) bijdrages wilt leveren. 
DKARS Magazine appears 1x per month and we obviously appreciate it if you (related radio amateur) to provide contributions.
Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society wens ik je veel leesplezier nadat je op deze link hebt geklikt:

On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society, I wish you pleasant reading after you click on this link:

Wil je in plaats van een PDF te downloaden het Magazine on-line doorbladeren? 
Dat kan ook, ga dan naar deze link:

Want to download the magazine browsing on-line instead of a PDF? This can also go to this link:

Mist u een DKARS-Magazine kijk op:

Do you miss a DKARS-magazine see:

En tot slot: heb je kopij, een mening, gevraagd of ongevraagd advies: dat kan 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week via

And finally, do you copy, an opinion, solicited or unsolicited advice: it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through

73 namens de DKARS 
Peter de Graaf 
Secretaris DKARS


Old Stufffff

For sale: AS GOOD AS NEW
- Volkswagen Golf from 1985.
- Number of km driven: 15 Km.
- Only used in first gear and backwards.
- No high speeds achieved
- Original tires.
- Original brakes.
- Original fuel and oil.
- First owner
- Reason for sale: moved for professional reason (PROMOTION).



01) How long did the hundred-year war last?
02) In what country are Panama hats made?
03) In what month do the Russians celebrate the October revolution?
04) What is a camel hair brush made of?
05) Which animal are the Canary Islands named?
06) What was the first name of King George VI?
07) Where do Chinese gooseberries come from?
08) What is the color of the black box in an airplane?
Answers from the quiz:
01) How long did the hundred-year war last?

116 years
02) In what country are Panama hats made?
03) In what month do the Russians celebrate the October revolution?
04) What is a camel hair brush made of?
Skunk coat
05) Which animal are the Canary Islands named?
06) What was the first name of King George VI?
07) Where do Chinese gooseberries come from?
New Zealand
08) What is the color of the black box in an airplane?



[MorseKOB] Sound of Spark

Titanic / MGY This is a WAV file which recreates the spark signals of the Titanic/ MGY which was supplied by Mr. Edward M. Gable, K2MP who is the Museum Curator of the Antique Wireless Association, Inc. which recreates the CQD and SOS from Titanic -:- Copyright 1999 AWA all rights reserved - used with permission.

Here's the SOS from ms PRINSENDAM/PJTA:

The four second dashes that are at the beginning are the Auto Alarm - four second dashes separated by one second spaces, any four consecutive dashes registered would ring alarm bells in the Radio Room, Navigation Bridge, and Radio Officers stateroom.

Listen to that QRM!

The fast signals are traffic to a Russian Mother fishing boat!

73, David N1EA


New Blog post, Enjoy

[skcc] Slightly OT: Historical Amateur Radio Texts

Howdy yТall,
SoЕfor years, IТve been intending to read Two Hundred Meters And Down.

Sadly, I havenТt wanted to read it enough to actually go through the laborious (and tedious) process of scanning the dead tree book into a computer and editing out all the scanning errors.

Or, for that matter, just scanning in and reading, warts and all.

I bought it years ago, then lost that copy, and bought again at the 100th anniversary ARRL do.

And then proceeded to not scan it.

Again. IТd searched on and off for it in the usual places, and it never appeared. But there was a place I forgot, and by golly, there it is, in several machine readable formats.

Now, IТm going through it to clean up such errors as I find for conversion to contracted braille. 
In a similar vein, I found this the other day, and am currently reading it:

Not sure if this guy is (or was) a ham or not, but his brother is (well, OK, was). Е Just started in on it and seems interesting.
Of course, IТve already read this one:

Buddy, KB5ELV

You can download this book its free.


"The MILL" is available here:

It's part of my Morse Archive:

Lots of Morse stuff.
73, David Ring N1EA


Rag Chewer Club lives, or so it's reported:

But more importantly, ARRL is seeking a vote on whether the Rag Chewers Club award should be reinstated.

If you wish, go here and vote:

You have to log in, and maybe search for rag chewer.

That will take you to the vote, initiated two weeks ago.
Jim, N3JT


Greetings all!
The December issue of the УRag ChewФ is now available on the home page.

This issue is packed with operating events results, articles of constructions, award info and of course much about the upcoming K3Y event.
Of special interest are articles on surviving a stroke and rehabilitation using Morse code, proper adjust of a bug and success with mastering a cootie.
As always, Уthank youФ to the many of you who have contributed to this issue and to everyone who helped make all the Rag Chew issues possible.
Happy Holidays to you all and may your signals be strong, your QSOs many and your DX great!
December Rag Chew available at:


73, Ted K8AQM/VE9AQM

Compound Calls and Dupes

A scotsman could sign as

MM0MM/MM Or M/MM0MM/M when driving in England..
73, Andy, just DF4WC


NEW Six-Volume ARRL Handbook. This changes everything!

"I have been a licensed amateur since October 1959. I am a former Associate EE with AT&T Bell Laboratories. I am very proud to say that I have been a life member for at least 25 years. My membership in ARRL has returned a value more than the cost of membership.
You have hit a home run with the 2019 Handbook Six-Volume Boxed Set. I received mine just a few days ago and I am very impressed. It is organized very well and has so much up to date information it is mind boggling. It should be on the book reference shelf of not only amateur radio operators, but EVERY RF Electrical Engineer throughout the world.
Great Job! Keep up providing excellent publications to amateurs world wide.
Volume 1: Introduction & Fundamental Theory
Volume 2: Practical Design & Principles PART 1

Volume 3: Practical Design & Principles PART 2
Volume 4: Antenna Systems & Radio Propagation
Volume 5: Equipment Construction & Station Accessories
Volume 6: 
Test Equipment, Troubleshooting, RFI & Index

.Key Topics

Radio electronics theory and principles

Circuit design and equipment

Radio signal transmission and propagation

Digital and analog modulation and protocols

Antennas and transmission lines

Construction practices

Plus, eBook and Supplemental Download Included!

Always Updated! View new projects and content at

The Handbook Six-Volume Boxed Set, ARRL Item No. 0895, ISBN 978-1-62595-089-5, is $64.95 retail

The Handbook soft-cover edition, ARRL Item No. 0888, ISBN 978-1-62595-088-8, is $49.95 retail

The Handbook Kindle edition comes in six separate volumes, automatically delivered to your Kindle,

for $9.99 per volume (Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3Vol 4Vol 5Vol 6)

QSP: Mark Ziegler, WA2ILB ARRL Life Member 


Hello Friends

Electronic Key and training Unit

Dear friends, please find detailed information on a very interesting project here:



I use the previous version of the Morseino and I am very happy with it.
Some features:
CW Keyer with capacitive touch paddle, with a lot of nice features: speed variable with encoder (5-40 wpm) polarity of paddle can be changed (dots on left or right paddle) Iambic A, B, enhanced B, and Ultimatic mode.
--> Al: Willi forgot to mention: Cootie Operation implemented pitch control output volume control
CW Trainer, outputs: speed variable with encoder (5-40 wpm) characters in groups of 5 (alpha, numeric, interpuctuation, pro signs, mixed) ham radio call signs
usual ham radio abbreviations and Q groups you can increase length of pauses (aka Farnsworth method) easily expandable to a Morse code decoder (already implemented in the software): just add an op-amp and a few passive components (there is enough room on the PCB) to feed audio from a receiver also decodes manual key input
---> Al: The training possibilities are superb!
With the new version a small tansceiver transmitting around 433 MHz is integrated.

So training of cw in a group will get even more fun: QSOs can be done between trainees and or their trainer.
Building up the set is easy but one should know the difference between the hot and nt cool end of a soldering iron anyway, hi hi.
Check it out and have fun!
The price is 64 EUR (all electronics, software +++ case and antenna is plus 16 EUR).
All the best to you!
DC5GD Al(brecht) Dietrich
From Dr. Tamitha Skov Solar Storm Forecast 11-04-2018

"...Storm levels are possible ... Amateur radio propagation is suffering ..." "... Issues with amateur and shortwave radio communication is expected..." "... Right now radio propagation is in the dumper ..."
"... Solar flux does not look very good ... after a few days should be able to get back to doing some DX...

From Dr. Tamitha Skov One Storm Wanes as Another Comes: Solar Storm Forecast 11-08-2018

"... We could could bump back up to storm levels by November 9...

...We're back [up] into the marginal range for radio propagation ... may last almost 2 weeks before things begin to tank again...."

From Dr. Tamitha Skov Back to Back Peeks at the New Cycle: Solar Storm Forecast 11-18-2018

"... two new peeks at the coming solar cycle 25! A short-lived solar cycle 25 sunspot appeared momentarily back on November 9 and then another appeared on November 17 and started growing. "

"... low range of marginal for radio propagation ..."

"... could stay at marginal radio propagation conditions over the next few days, maybe even the next week or so ..."

"... strongest indicator of the new cycle coming on board, should give you amateur radio operators something to celebrate."

From Dr. Tamitha Skov Thanksgiving Day Reprieve: Solar Storm Shortie 11-22-2018

"The Sun quiets down this week ... we will likely stay at unsettled conditions as we feel the influence from a southern coronal hole followed by another small hole that will rotate into the Earth-strike zone in the next few days."

"... see why amateur and shortwave radio operators are groaning..."

From Dr. Tamitha Skov Solar Storm Forecast 11-29-2018

"... A huge coronal hole that sent us 3 solar storms over the past 3 months is back yet again."
"... With a spotless Sun, disruptive effects of this solar storm could also be amplified for amateur radio and shortwave radio operators since the solar flux is already so low and radio propagation is already at poor conditions."
"... Radio propagation ... poor for the next week to 10 days."

Cheers, Darrel, aa7fv.

My problem was the cat leaping up on the desk and sitting against the side of the paddle.

Whenever I'm away from the operating position I have to make sure the tx is never left in break-in mode.
73, Darrel aa7fv.
Have a nice day / week(end) gents, BCNU.

Yann, F5LAW

By OM Yann F5LAW SideSwiperNetGroup


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E

Editor PA3CLQ