Basic concept.

1. Online CW Beacons (below IB) are part of the new diploma and prize program from the club “International Independent CW Club (CQCW)”.

2. IB do not broadcast on the radio, and only work in the stream on the website of the club CQCW.

3. To receive an IB, it is recommended to use Internet browsers IE (at least version 8), Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Work on the Android platform is temporarily not provided.

4. After launching the full version of the IB program, three blocks of 300 beacons will be available for receiving and fixing. (3 of the country. In the pilot mode only beacons of Russia).

5. IB callsigns have a complete list of country divisions by region.

6. Each beacon contains in his transmission a standard telegraphic text consisting of a Callsign, QTH, Loc, text of three groups of five characters and a series of modifications.

7. The full accepted text is recorded in the report file and sent to the administration of the CQCW club to verify the accuracy of the accepted signs.

8. After checking the report, if the reception was 100% correct, the result is recorded in the table of participants. In case of an error in the accepted text, up to one character, the application is sent back to the applicant, indicating the IB number and marked with an error. Later, the applicant can correct the text of this beacon and send the application to the club again.

9. All IB work in a chaotic manner. With different speed, tone and volume.

10. The number of beacons is distributed by regions depending on the population. I. e., for example, the Krasnodar region or the city of Moscow have much more beacons than the Sakhalin region.

11. The final conditions of the diploma and prize part of the program will be announced after the full launch of all IB (approximately until December 1, 2019).

12. Those who wish to participate in the test mode, have the right to send reports from July 1, 2019. The results of the reports will be recorded in the main results table.

Operating mode.

1. Once the page is open for online panel of the receiver it is necessary to press one of the buttons COUNTRY (in test mode only available RUSSIA). The number of working beacons can be seen in the field below the receiver.

2. After pressing the button of the selected block of beacons, the speakers will hear the introductory telegraphic text. Then after 2 – 100 seconds IB will start working.

3. Operation of the same beacon is possible in a row, but with different speed and volume.

4. In text windows, on the panel of the receiver are displayed: number of the IB, the rate of transmission rate increase. The decrease factor for the volume.

5. Close the page if you want to stop monitoring beacons.