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Really NICE Mirko. My respect for you is now at ZERO.73,Merry Christmas Jim W7RY

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Morse Code Ring Tones

Does anyone use a Morse Code input for texting on their phone?

Can you recommend a good one for Android devices?
73, Drew AF2Z

No, but have have an Android app on my phone that plays my texts in CW.
It's great, especially when I am driving.
No need to take the phone out and look.
73 - Bill KA8VIT

How about attaching the audio file and send it an an email attachment sent to you iPhone?
Ron, AC2C

Right click the file in itunes and select convert too ringtone.

I use morse code keyer pro.



You can't just copy audio files to an iPhone and you also can't mail it to yourself, since you can't save audio attachments from email to an iPhone.

However, you can add the Morse wave files to iTunes and then sync to the iPhone just like any other audio file, as you would with your songs in iTunes.

No app needed.

    To make it a ringtone, you can either right-click on the file in iTunes and select convert to ringtone, or you can add the audio file as a ringtone.

Once iTunes has copied the audio file to your phone, you can select it as a ringtone, as you can with any other song on your phone, so it's not really necessary to convert to a ringtone.

    Something I really like on the iPhone is setting custom vibrations.

You can set a custom vibration and then have that vibration run when a particular person calls.

So I tapped out my wife's name in CW and attached it to her contact details, so now when she calls, I can feel her name being vibrated out in Morse in my pocket.

    Having the phone on silent and knowing who is calling without anyone else even knowing that my phone is ringing and without me looking at it, is a great feature.

 It is particularly helpful if you're in a lot of meetings or presentations, but still want to take calls from key people... or discreetly avoid mother-in-law, for example.

73, Stephen ZS6SVJ


I presently doing this on my iPhone6s+ and iTunes (I use Mac but supposed to be same on PC).

Here's one way...

  • Create the content
    • Record myself sending CW (or whatever audio I want) using the Voice Memo APP on the iPhone.
      If you can create content that iTunes/iPhone like by some other means, go ahead.
  • Get the content into iTunes
    • Sync the iPhone to iTunes.
  • Find what you recorded in iTunes
    • For me the recorded audio shows up in the music library with the Artist name as the name I gave the phone and the Album as "Voice Memos" and then each item I recorded shows up as a song.
    • Click on the song and then use menu File|Get Info for it to tell you what directory on your machine holds the file. (I don't normally do this because I know where it goes but I'm guessing you don't know where the files are stored?)
  • Use Finder or Windows File Explorer (not sure if you're Mac or Windows?) to go to the directory from previous step.
    • Copy the file(s) you want to make into ringtones... various methods to do this pick one.
    • Change directories to the "Ringtones" subdirectory of the iTunes folder and paste the file(s) into the subdirectory/folder.
      If you don't have a "Ringtones" folder look for a "Tones" folder.
    • Now change the extension on the file(s) to mpr.
      It will likely bring up a dialog box saying this may chg the app that plays the file, just ignore that... say ok whatever.
    • Once you have all the file extensions changed, double click each one. This plays each one in iTunes (starts iTunes if it's not already open). If you don't do this, it normally doesn't update iTunes Tones and you won't be able to select it to sync into your device later.
  • Sync back into your Phone
    • Same as you normally would.
      However, not sure what you sync or don't sync presently? There are too many options to cover, I'm guessing you can sync or otherwise search how to sync.
      You may have a look in iTunes with your phone connected and selected at the "Settings", "Tones" item to see if you have selected to sync tones or not and if so then all tones or select tones. You need to make sure that the tones get sync'd back to your phone.
  • The custom ringtones now show up where you normally select ringtones.
  • 73, Tim K9TM
  • REM :
  • I use the Morse Code Ringtone Maker app from

Requires using iTunes Sync.

You download the created ringtone to iTunes on your PC.

I have used it on iPhone3 to my current 5SE. Works great.

I use QRZ QRZ for the generic, and for family or friends I spell their name.

I do get strange looks from people when it goes off in public.

I believe this was a thread here years back and that is when I started using it



Same procedure using iTunes on a PC, Windows 10.

Mine works great, I have it send me the name of the caller from my contacts in CW so I know who is calling or if they are not in my contacts it send a question mark ...



There is a free program called Audacity.
73, Art, W2NRA


I can do the itunes thing...does someone know of a way to create my selection of morse in .wav, to then convert to a ringtone?

Dave Edwards kd2e


You can do that online at Lean CW Online...
Here is the link:

73 - Bill KA8VIT

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Follow-up PLL 477

I think the Navy Band does fine on the holidays too.

Here's a link to the first in a sequence of 24 videos titled, "Holidays with the Navy Band":

73, Chris Hausler


Take a look at:


73 es 77 de VK5EEE Lou


55 to all, and for some 88 to, Jan


Johnson VFO-122

I thought somebody here was looking for one of these?

73 Mark K3MSB


Using N1MM+ UDP Broadcast DataSH5 log analyzer.............

generates several beam pointing charts and tables.

The interesting one is beam heading by hour.

I wish it had further breakdown by band/hr.

73 Vasiliy K3IT


I've recently acquired a couple of El-Key single-lever paddles.

I've noticed that there is very little information about these keys.

Other than a 'boiler-plate' history about the Bob Poucel (W2AYJ) and Sid Shore (K2FC) collaboration (Poucel Electronics Company).

    I'm curious if there is any other information about the key; like drawings or more historic/photographic information. For instance.

Does anyone know about the differences in the contact posts? [not the three connector posts].

Some have round posts and some have square posts.

 I imagine it to be differences in production runs.

The keys with round posts also have a different name plate [no white bar with 'Poucel Electronics'].

I'm also thinking the round post units are the older vintage...

    I have disassembled one of them and found that some of the post insulators will need replacement.

They're not at all like the Vibroplex / McElroy replacement insulators.

Perhaps Donnie from 2B Radio Parts has these, I don't see anything on his site.

I could make something work with some help from a vernier caliper and a McMaster-Carr catalog, I suppose.

    I've posted this query to other groups; I thought I'd try this one too.

If anyone might have more information about the key, it would be greatly appreciated!

My plan is to add a jumper and use this key as a sideswiper. It's a nice, heavy, rock-solid key.

Merry Christmas and 73 to All, Charles

15yr old KF5UVN good CW, home brew SS

Now that is something I think even I can build -- may use this model for the class I have planned, too easy to build:

There's a 15 year old sending CW nicely!
While chewing gum at the same time and saying good night to Gran.
That's more than Gerald Ford could do!

He couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, and I saw him falling down the steps of 26000 Air Force One at OE2 Salzburg Maxglan airport.
A far cry from the beautiful Side Sweeper that Tony VK3CAB gave me, with a great feel genuine ebony grip!

But it goes to show how easy it would be to build a cootie key with basic parts.
Isn't that encouraging though.

I'm now wondering if the class learning CW from scratch should be taught from the get go on side swipers...
No, I think we'll build the VK1SV "Bunnings Special" straight key first, maybe Side Sweeper at the end of the course once Morse has been somewhat mastered by the students.
Enjoy the video, and also see Jacob's page at

73 Jacob, hope you can bring many young folks into real amateur radio with your enthusiasm and love of CW!
See that you like 20m, some of us hang out at the top end on CW:

maybe see you there some time.

And please my 88 to your Gran, wish I still had mine!

    Anyone understand this key or can explain the purpose for second lever?
Very interesting unique key and very talented UA3AO:

73 es 77 de VK5EEE Lou.


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73, Editor
Have a nice weekend gents, BCNU

73, Yann, F5LAW 


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My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

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