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The past and the possible future of Turkeye

Turkeye is a small village in the province Zeeland have about 20 houses and one street with the name "Zandstraatje"

Indulge in the beauty and authenticity of an real Dikehouse / Holiday house on the Turkeye Zandstraatje 10 with the caveat of the past and the uncertain future on the wall, i think.

I do not know anything about the present / today because I was there in the recent past 2017 28 July to 9 August with my TS-897D CW and cootie only you know.



Below the sandy / muted River "The Keye" slinging through the scenery, on the background R.K. Church from IJzendijke



Below is another impression of the once desolate River "De Keye" with left a typical Dutch grain mill



Many artists / landscape painters have immortalized the beautiful surroundings of Turkeye's rich past as well in the following

 Abstract Expressionism/Abstract Impressionism?



Below you see the painters' development more and more Impressionism/Expressionism or is it Figurative, Simple, Naive art?

You know I have no sense at all.




the possible future of Turkeye

It seems that Turkey is looking forward to foreign interest.

No! It seems that there is foreign interest for Turkeye.

Have heard that there is some uncertainty among the inhabitants about the future of Turkeye.

In a certain senario one thinks of a similar fate or other unknown possibilities as "Chinese Giethoorn" (52.743526N 6.084214E)

The following can also be found on the wall of Number 10

If the signs are correct, the descendants of the following venerable person will greatly influence the long-term survival of Turkeye.

Not sure if this is a Chinese or Turkish?



It is predicted, they bring their own culture, houses, plants and mountains as shown below?

And do they dig the River The Keye again?

Until yesterday nobody knew where this river was situated!



In the case of such hostile takeover of Turkey's centuries-old culture and emotional values, there will be a last supper, i think.

From the left to the right we see......................where are the face of the woman?



All this has been predicted because it hangs on the walls of "Zandstraatje 10"


BTW: Turkeye have  a relation of more then 400 years with Turkey



Look for your self at:


Don't shoot the duck please.



Oh, yes my small radio- telegraphy-station.

On site borrowed from OM Cor PA0AM an Daiwa ATU, my HB Cootie, FT-897D abt. 80 Watt into an end fed/beginning fed antenna of  40+meters.

Yes, unique? the HF energy can be offered on two sides of the long wire from two different locations, smart hé.





73, from the village Turkeye on 51.317260N 3.582303E at the former river "The Keye"


Editor Jan Pieter Oelp PA3CLQ



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