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Beste mede amateur,

Dear fellow amateur,
In deze mail staat een link waarop het tweeentwintigste DKARS-Magazine is te downloaden.

This mail contains a link which the 22th- DKARS-Magazine is available for download.
De Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is een stichting die de belangen wenst te behartigen van ALLE radioamateurs binnen het gehele Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

The Kingdom Dutch Amateur Radio Society is an organization that seeks to represent the interests of ALL radio amateurs throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society wens ik je veel leesplezier nadat je op deze link hebt geklikt:

On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society, I wish you pleasant reading after you click on this link:

Wil je in plaats van een PDF te downloaden het Magazine on-line doorbladeren? 
Dat kan ook, ga dan naar deze link:

Want to download the magazine browsing on-line instead of a PDF? This can also go to this link:

73 namens de DKARS 
Peter de Graaf 
Secretaris DKARS


Virtual Com Port Software

I have used the software available at:

to create multiple com ports for my K3 that enables multiple programs (SKCC Logger, FLDIGI, CW skimmer) to run at the same time and so far it seems to be working OK.

This might be an answer for those wanting to run more than one logging program at the same time.

There is one program for the K3 and another on a different page for some other Elecraft models, some Yaesu, and Kenwood models. The K3 version runs on Windows 10.

It is a pretty straight forward program with pretty good instructions on the web page for those who want to give it a try.

I have tried some other virtual com port software but found it pretty opaque as to how to set it up - then again I have not been accused of being a computer wiz.

73 Jim KB4DXV


For other then K3



Icom 746 - rookie advice required...

I have an Icom 746 which is connected to my computer via CI-V cable from CI-V port on radio to USB on computer.

Logger sees the radio and responds to frequency changes etc no problem.

I also have this cable:

USB CW (morse code) keying cable with opto-isolator at:




Hi all

I am not the smartest with a computer, and have used M1MM+ a couple of times with a bit of back up from friends.

However, I have now really made a mess of the following, and wonder if I can retrieve the information somehow.

    I used the logger for a local contest (Ireland) and didn't have the correct contest in the list, so used a similar 2 meter one.

I don't seem to have closed it down properly afterwards to be able to find it again.

    If I go into FILE, then open the database that says Do NOT USE OR ERASE and open it with notepad, I can see it has at least some of the call signs

I remember from the contest.

It is the correct date.

Is there any way I can restore this to the usual log format as it is an S3DB file which I assume is peculiar to the program.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer, and sorry if the answer is obvious (but not to me, LOL!)



"....that says Do NOT USE OR ERASE ..."

So why did you?




I found a place where this chap makes parts for all types of keys if needed.

He has a nice large assortment.



Morse Day replay April 30th, 2016 - DK Office, Boyce, Virginia

Here's an oil can used by AT&T:

Do you have questions about railroad Morse telegraphy, such as whether it is true that AT&T and WUTELCO used to put oil on the wires so that the messages would go faster through them?

Or, do you wonder whether Western Union wires used for night messages were only utilized at night?

These and other wonderings you may have about telegraph operators and operations can be answered on April 30th at Boyce, Virginia!

All are invited to the former N&W depot at Boyce, Virginia, on Saturday, April 30, 2016, between noon and 4 PM, rain or shine.

Visit at: or

"Owney Day" at the National Postal Museum:

If you have an interest in RPOs, please visit the RailwayPO group at:

Dr. Frank R. Scheer, Curator
Railway Mail Service Library, Inc. 


Here are one of the images that are etched on the SOUTH AFRICAN BLACK GRANITE STONE , mounted on a pedestal.

Normally a memorial is the trustiest monument for the preservation of an event or A NAME!

Does your HISTORIANS have anything on this MEMORIAL.

    Robert G. Burnet INCORRECTLY stated that the etched photograph appearing on the side of the Belleville,Ontario Railroad monument was of H.S. SNIDER- an Agent and Telegrapher on the Grand Trunk Railway, later part of Canadian National Railways.

Robert did not have a soap box so he climbed up on the engraved South African black granite stone Monument and told over 1900 members of the MORSE TELEGRAPH CLUB,INC in North America how smart he was .

Robert stated that HE knew who the Agent/Telegrapher was that is etched on the Belleville Railroad Memorial Monument!

He said that H.S SNIDER had been the Agent at Markham in 1913 and an Amateur Radio Operator with a fast fist!!!

Robert G.Burnet made reference to his BOOK on CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY stating the page number where they could see an image of this Operator and the name he posted with it! (H.S. Snider).

Robert Bernet commented that the CNR ARCHIVES thought it was that important to them that they sent him a large framed image.!!!

There is more- but you can read it in the DOTS & DASHES Fall 1999 Vol. captioned above.

G.L. Gren-Schrader 


Hello friends,

News from Jos ON6WJ, keep up the good work mon vieux Jos!

Dear ex-Foxes and ex-Hunters + all QRP minded friends, like (nearly) all Fairytales starts with "Once upon a time... etc

so... "Once upon" a very longtime ago... (speaking of the days when the animals talked hi! )

Two radioamateurs Johan ON5EX & Jos ON6WJ ran into each other and wondered how to promote the QRP idea + how to activate a bit more CW on the air in ON-Country? well...both became vy gud friends since then.

What in 2009 began as a simple attempt to bring a little bit more CW-life in the 80 meter-brewery, ie. we started the Famous UBA QRP Foxhunt

(UBA = official Radioamateur Society of Belgium)

a weekly "one hour" CW Fun (each Monday evening) just a nice&friendly CW chat" between (local ) low power minded radio amateurs do know :this

"UBA Foxhunt" exceeded our wildest dreams!

So the (World wide known) EU QRP Foxhunt will be transformed to the brand new "Low Power Party

pse have a look at our Russian friends websites ie. Oleg, RV3GM's at: or Vlad,UR0ETs

(of course ,there will be certainly a lot more genuine" QRP happenings promoted by other Radio clubs,Google" brings answer to all your questions)

Have a nice weekend gents, BCNU.

73, Yann, F5LAW.



73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: