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Do you understand these official language?

De melding Inleveren asbesthoudende pijp - 2351075 is ingediend via Omgevingsloket online bij  Gemeente Geertruidenberg.

Het bevoegd gezag dat is vastgesteld voor de melding is onder voorbehoud.

Het bevoegd gezag waar de melding is ingediend, informeert u wanneer het vastgestelde bevoegd gezag niet klopt.

the message Submitting asbestos pipe - 2351075 submitted via Environment Desk online at City Geertruidenberg Municipality Geertruidenberg.
The authority established for reporting is subject.
The competent authority to which the notification was submitted to inform you not correct the established authority

Environment Desk online


Nice site of  K8UT called TRN Mirror


FCC Petition for Rulemaking RM-11769 - Eliminating Exclusive CW Subbands

The ARRL story is here -

Bob Stephens AF9W


Re: Letter in Opposition to RM- 11769

ECFS Filing Receipt - Confirmation number: 2016513540958

To the Commission:


There are presently no exclusively CW sub-bands in the entire HF spectrum although Novice and Technician licensees can only use CW from 3.525- 3.600, 7.025-7.125 and 21.025-21.200 MHz. Consequently the purpose of Petition is to eliminate the small sub-bands where CW operation is exclusive to all licensees from 50.-50.1and 144.0-144.1 MHz on the VHF bands. In the words of the petition, As regards these sub-bands, this has proven both grossly inefficient as well as a manifest under-utilization of those. The petition does not further explain how eliminating the CW exclusivity on those sub-bands would increase efficiency or increase utilization of those bands. It seems that the petitioner is seeking a solution to a problem that does not exist. He produces no empirical evidence whatsoever in support of this position and his argument is devoid of any explanation on how such elimination of CW exclusivity would reduce or eliminate the problem that he perceives. The petitioners second request is to permit data transmissions with a 20dB bandwidth of 2800 Hz throughout the non-voice segments of the 1.8-30 MHz HF spectrum. Again there is no explanation for why this significant change is necessary or what problem the suggested change would solve except to perhaps increase interference to other narrow-band modes in that band such as CW.

I am an Amateur Extra Class Licensee holding the call N2SO and have been licensed since 1978.

Thank you for your consideration.

Treasurer, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.

47 & 73, Charles R. Tropp N2SO


As I understand it Symbol Communication Modes Includes CW as a mode.

As I interpret it he wants to authorize all "Symbol Communication Modes" in 30 meters; which would include Voice/Image in with the CW/rtty/data band plan. Also, he posted a comment on the FCC web page dated 5/12/16 where he attempts to explain the need to totally utilize the band space in order to keep the bands from being bought up by television (His thoughts! Not mine).

One of the lines in his reply (which you can find and read in the Comments section on the FCC website) is, and I quote, "Do I want CW to go away? No.

Will adding data and RTTY (i.e. "Symbol Communications") make a few area of our spectrum a bit more crowded?

I hope so. . . . really, I do.

We need to survive as a radio service among moneyed interests who'd otherwise take it away from us.

If that makes me unpopular, so be it. I can live with that."
So, it is intent to crowd more "Symbol Communications" into the Band Plan CW areas to make them "better utilized" at the expense of increased congestion and interference.
When last I checked the comments against his petition had jumped from 93 to 234. I was glad to see the increase and hope everyone will continue to post comments against his petition.

We need to send this guy back where he came from!
Allan W4EAB


Dave Sumner (ex-ARRL CEO) said,
Guys, you are getting excited over nothing.

The only two CW-exclusive FCC subbands are the bottom 100 kHz of 6 and 2 meters.
Dave K1ZZ (now retired from ARRL)
In other words, that filing by the guy in Missouri, at best, would impact the subbands on 6 and 2 meters.

There are no exclusive CW subbands on the HF bands.
Rich - W4RQ


Urgent CW band intruder alert!
Band blanking S9 +20 dB into Florida around 1000 - 1400 UTC.
Anyone else hearing this nonsense?

Is anyone trying to get it stopped?
Bry AF4K


It has been ongoing now for some time and not just 40 meters.

there appear to be a few new(er) OHR tests going on and some even sound a bit different from the old woodpecker.

Hi Marty,
This means a test of a over the horizon radar site (OTHR), please take a look at:

73 Tom DF5JL

At the moment there are various other types of OHR (Over the horizon Radar) being played with and tested, one for Aurora, and many others doing tests, there is a band of one type of Radar across Canada as well, I just cant think of the name, it runs across the HF spectrum, one so noted is on 30 meters.

This is the name of the other nouses that I could not fome up with,they are very loud here.

Darn cell phone, noises, come up, therespell check done



Introducing the Waterfall Bandmap for N1MMLogger+

Do you enjoy the graphical displays that your SDR radio can provide during a contest, but are hindered by the large amount of screen real estate taken up by the commonly-used SDR programs, such as NaP3 and HDSDR ?

Do you wish that you could simply have a compact display like the N1MM+ bandmap, but also showing a horizontal waterfall display, such as CW Skimmer provides ?

Do you want simpler interfaces to integrate all the pieces, not requiring troublesome COM port splitters like VSPE ?
If so, I invite you to consider the Waterfall Bandmap.

Take a look at the screenshot at

The Waterfall Bandmap combines the audio I/Q information from your SDR-capable radio with frequency and spot information obtained directly from the N1MM+ radio and spot UDP broadcast messages.
Currently, only audio-based SDR radios are supported.

This means that the SDR I/Q output from the radio either appears as a sound card to the computer, or plugs into a computer sound card.

Radios with this capability include the K3+LP-PAN, KX3, and the Flex 6000-series of radios.

There are probably more - let me know.
If you have the right hardware to support the Waterfall Bandmap, and are willing to be a tolerant and helpful beta tester, please contact me directly, and I will provide further information.
Please note:

The Waterfall Bandmap is NOT a new feature of N1MM+.
Although I am a member of the N1MM+ team, it is not being distributed or supported by the N1MM+ team.
73, Steve, N2IC


Cincinnati area telegraph service to be discontinued

Ran across this and thought you all would enjoy it-

Joe Tauser



Well, if you're remembering wrong, I'm also remembering wrong, because my memory agrees with your memory.
Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV


The MTC logo, of course, is the logo of the old Order of Railroad Telegraphers.

Recently I ran across an article in Railroad Telegrapher Magazine, June 1899, soliciting ideas for an emblem for the organization, and asking for them by the following month.

I have posted that solicitation to the Files section of this list, under the file name "ORT Seeks Emblem Design - 1899."

I have finished reading all the issues of Railroad Telegrapher for 1899, and the new emblem was not announced in any of those issues.

If I find the article announcing the new emblem, I will post it.

-- 73 SW & (abram burnett)


See attachment pse







Hello friends,

FYI Martin, re the episode of the Maniflex salvaged from a garbage can in a radio club, cf. F6UIG's SSN webpage:

Good Maniflex hunting Martin, I'm sure Mildam and Coventry versions have better feel than original ones.

Beautiful paddle (Great Nautical Style) made bij Leonid RL6MF

From an email by David Ring, Jr. N1EA to the SSN Group (SideSwiper Net Group)


It's that time of year again, CW Operators from all around the globe will come together this weekend on-air to participate in the Semi Annual W6SFM CW Bug Roundup Event.

Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club, a Sacramento, California based CW enthusiast club wanted a special time to bring bug operators together on the air.

In the same spirit as ARRL's Straight Key Night, participants are encouraged to make simple, conversational, chewing-the-fat QSOs using their bug type keys. This is an opportunity to exercise, share and exhibit your personalized fist.

This is NOT a contest.

Call "CQ BR" so folks know you are a Bug Roundup Participant.
For more information on this event and how to participate please visit
the SFM ARC Bug Roundup Event web page at:

We hope to hear you all on the air this weekend! 73,
Michael N6MQL

Long time ago there was an Vibroplex Collectors Association Club

The following URL points to,

By Fabio, IK0IXI - KF1B

But it refers to a Japanese site at:

Fabio wrote me:

I'm sorry but VCA no longer active since 2014.

73 Fabio, iK0IXI
"Semper frates in aethera"

See eventual:

73, Jan, CLQ
Have a nice week, BCNU.
All the very best to you and yours friends, take care!

73, Yann, F5LAW.



73, your Editor PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: