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Antenna Selection

I just obtained a transceiver that does not output band data (although it does have CAT interface).

A quick look at N1MM documentation seems to suggest that I need a parallel port to output band data from N1MM. 

Is there a way to get band data without a parallel port?

Contest Exuberantly,

Hank, W6SX


Hank, Some of us in VU have built these small Arduino based kits from RemoteQTH:

They also have a newer enhanced model:

Arduino source code is also provided to modify as required.

73, Prasad VU2PTT


These are different than the OTRSP-based devices that have been mentioned by others.
They are using the CAT information from the radio to switch other devices.

When you have multiple devices, such as N1MM+ and this band decoder both contending for the CAT port, care must be taken to insure that they both interoperate without contention issues.
73, Steve, N2IC


[N1MMLoggerplus] Unresponsive function keys

Hi All,

I recently rewired the shack due to CMI issues when running high power; torroids, snap on ferrites and 3/4" grounding braids.

My operating desk now sags in the middle from the weight.

    Neither the mouse or keyboard can activate the function keys.

When I click on calls in the band map the radio will not change frequency nor can I change bands from the program. (F12 seems to work fine.)

    The Winkeyer does not respond to changes in speed generated from the logger and a change in speed on the Winkeyer does not register in the program.

The mouse, however, can get into config etc.

    The Winkeyer paddle is reversed and changing "reverse paddle" in config does nothing.

The keyboard will enter calls and reports in the logging portion and Ctr K allows me to type but does not send the CW.

    Telnet works fine and it populates the band map.

There seems to be a common thread here but I don't see it. Where to look?

73,Ron W9XS


This sounds as if the COM port numbers for the rig control and Winkeyer ports are no longer the same as the COM port numbers you have configured in the N1MM+ setup.

You need to determine what port numbers the Windows drivers have assigned to your serial ports, then make sure that the configuration in N1MM+ is consistent with the Windows port number assignments.

73, Rich VE3KI


Rich you wrote: <There seems to be a common thread here but I don't see it. Where to look?>
Several statements in your list of issues and attempted solutions  strongly suggest that you have some important gaps in understanding the fundamentals of physics, electronics, and radio that are causing you to do things that cause problems.
I have prepared several tutorials attempting to help with that.

Start with this set of slides for a talk on power, grounding, and audio interconnection, and rewire your station to conform to it.

Then study this one about RFI and ham radio.

73, Jim K9YC


Thanks you James for your condensing response which does absolutely nothing to further a solution.

I feel privileged to bask in your superiority as you fly in magnificent circles above my head.

And exactly how would you proceed in this matter oh haughty one?
Cordially, Ron Baran DDS, MBA, MA W9XS

Thanks Rich. Ron  W9XS


Good morning Ron,

Sorry for the other reply.

That wasn't very friendly.

Rich, VE3KI may be onto something.

Here's (maybe) another thing(s) to try or think about.

I know in my own (SO2R) setup, with 2 USB controlled radios (newer Icoms) that the radios must be turned on before even booting the computer, otherwise com port #'s and the like get all out of whack.

Also, if I was to unplug a USB device while everything is up and running, same scenario.

I believe you've had a lot of things unplugged.

Is your mouse and keyboard that of a USB type?

Have things possibly gone back into mismatched ports? In the meantime, has the battery in your wireless mouse or keyboard died? (you didn't say they were wireless, I am just tossing out ideas)

Lastly, this happened to me at work a few weeks ago and I had egg on my face, but I use 2 keyboards and 2 monitors at work and on my 2nd keyboard (seldom used) I had something laying on one of the keys making operation of things erratic.

I thought I was crazy until someone pointed it out.

Not likely your cause, but just one more way of "out of the box" thinking, hi !

Don't forget also, to take a look @ Windows device manager and the USB and com ports and their descriptions.

There may be a clue there somewhere.

 I somehow doubt it's the Logger+ program itself.

GL in your quest to make things back to the way they were -; we're here to help. (well, most of us anyways)

Mike VE9AA


Good evening Rich and Mike.

Thanks for the laundry list of possible issues.

As the day moved along I was unplugging and plugging in things with reckless abandon and in the process creating more problems as other connectors kept coming apart.

In identified which port the winkeyer was connected to in Device Manager and yet the N1MM has a little red dot on the bottom left of the logging page which says that "no CW port is set in config."

I've set the port for CW a number of times but it just doesn't seem to take.

I've got the feeling that I'm a click or two away.

Back into the manual tomorrow.

Unless, of course, a White Knight rides in to the rescue. 

Coridally, Ron W9XS



Is the Winkey box checked?

N1MM Logger Website | Configurer at:

Mike VE9AA




Never would have thought of that.

Thanks for your help.

Next I take screen shots of everything in config.

Thanks again.

Cordially, Ron  W9XS


I truly don't mean to be disrespectful, but is this the difference between a right and left hand?


73, unknown?


Follow-up PLL Nr. 423..... Left handed keys?

I guess what I really ask is there a left and right handed straight key.

I have never seen one.

Just curious
Thanks Larry


There is no need for a handed straight key. 

I use them with either hand all the time.

73, Tim K9TM


Larry Larry, what would suggest be done to convert a straight key from right hand to left hand operation??

Just Curious how you would do it.

CW is Real Radio 73, John...K8JD


There is no difference in a left handed or right handed " straight key" or "sideswiper/cootie".
Only Paddles and Semi-Automatic keys (bugs) are different from left to right. 
Left handed bugs permanently key dits with the thumb, ( semi-automatically) and "dahs" with the finger.

No other option.
    Paddles can be wired either way.

Dits on thumb or finger.

If you are right handed and want to try lefty, wire the paddle so you "still" send dits with the left thumb.

It will surprise you how much easier that is rather than trying to send dits with the finger. 


The Royal Canadian Air Force had an issue mechanical speed key ("Bug") that was suitable for both right handed and left handed radio operators without modification, fellows.

It was painted in R.C.A.F. livery.

It had feet on legs which extended upwards from its base.

A left handed operator inverted the key and set it upon the upper feet.

The paddles were then at just the right height above the table top and, of course, dit and dah paddles were reversed to accommodate, instantly, a left handed radio operator.

    One of these had been demonstrated to this old man when the ink was still wet on his ticket.

It had seemed as if a joke were being played on him was true.

They had come onto the surplus market after the Second War.

It was an issue speed key.

In fact, as I came to learn, it was well known among Canadian hams of the day and treasured by those who owned one.
Here is an example that had worked hard during it's life but is still in beautiful condition:

Regards, John at radio station VE7AOV.


I told you upside down Hi!

Your Editor




Left handed keys? RCAF/ Wilson SA-100 Bug

This is the bug of my daily use.

My most favorite bug and I have more than a few.
It's hard to find but worth the effort.

Also known as a Wilson SA-100.
I use it with either hand and it is one of the easiest bugs to use I've found.

The wieght has a "pinch" weight that allows speed changes on the fly with no screws or unwieldy mechanisms to fumble with. 
I've uploaded a photo in the photo section.



I truly don't mean to be disrespectful, but what is the difference of a right and left handed key.?
Larry WB2UFO


It depends on what you use , fingers or thumb , to send dits or dahs.

CW is Real Radio 73, John...K8JD


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